Robbie and Peep

Pat Duigon

Here are our two cats, Robbie and Peep, as kittens. Peep’s the one in front. Notice the big ears. The rest of them eventually grew to fit the ears.

I will try to post a bigger picture of Peep if my wife has one on Facebook. I have no idea how to transfer a picture from email to my blog. Can anybody out there tell me?

2 comments on “Robbie and Peep

  1. They’re beautiful! And even snuggling 🙂 They look like two sister kitties I had – Katie and Alice. They were old girls of about 22 when they passed.

    Unfortunately, I’m not very computer literate – I pretty much just get by. Hopefully, someone (maybe another blogger) can help with transfers.

    Thanks for sharing your girls!

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