Hymn, ‘Praise the Lord’

By reader request, here’s Chris Christian with Praise the Lord.

Take heart, take heart from this lyric: “He can work through those who praise Him.” That means us! He can work through us. Don’t ask me how; it’s enough that He knows how.

4 comments on “Hymn, ‘Praise the Lord’

  1. Thank you so much, Lee. It’s impossible to hear this hymn without coming to tears and feeling the power and presence of His Holy Spirit. Praise The Lord!

  2. Just stopped by to listen again – louder!

    If you don’t have a hymn on the schedule for tomorrow, Lee, could I request ‘How Deep The Father’s Love For Us’ by Stuart Townend and the Stoneleigh Worship Band, or maybe you would be so kind as to add it to your list of daily hymns.

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