Why Does ‘Adult’ Mean ‘Dirty’?

See? The dirty stuff is for “mature adults.” Is that what “mature” means?

So first the Zoning Board of West Chester Township, Ohio, grants a variance to a woman who has rented a house for use as a “sexual encounters establishment.” She prefers to call it a “lifestyle club.” It’s place where people can go to commit adultery. Sort of a fornication shop.

But then, of course, the residents get all cheesed off about it, so the township rescinds the  variance and the entrepreneur (if we may call her that) is left with a building that she rented for $100,000 and no permission to use it ( http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2016/02/12/regulating-sex-uncharted-waters-suburbs/80315042/# )–well, at least not for the purpose she intended.

Club members, we are told, called this place a “Disneyland for adults.” Or simply a “swingers’ club.”

Why does “adult” mean “dirty”? As in “adult bookstore,” “adult entertainment,” or any of those other things that feature 40-year-olds carrying on like seventh-graders? “Ooh, ooh, ooh! I see that lady’s [censored]!” Would not a much more appropriate adjective be “juvenile”? Like, how do you look at yourself in the mirror ever again, without getting sick?

So first they grant the  variance and then they take it back, and now nobody’s happy.

Our leaders don’t know how to handle the little bit of power that they have. Please, let’s not give them more.


3 comments on “Why Does ‘Adult’ Mean ‘Dirty’?

  1. There is no explanation other than demonic influence for perversion. As for giving our leaders more power – I wasn’t aware that we actually had a choice anymore. They just take it while we sit back and do nothing. Even when someone tries to buck the system, it’s rigged – and not in our favor. But the one consolation we have is that God is really the only Power. And He wins!

  2. You are right, Linda
    It seems that these days, adult and grown-up are viewed as two different things. We can be sure that on the day designated for the destruction of all this filth, smut, sin our God will end it for all time. Lee and I have discussed the “cup of iniquity” being over full before, but a day will arrive and then see what the Lord will do.

    1. Amen, Erlene. And may I tell you that you have a most wonderful name! Were you named for someone? I’ve never heard it before.

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