Comment Contest Almost Over! Win Fantastic Prizes!

All right, it’s not as exciting as bobbing for apples… but it’s not as messy, either.

Well, er, sort of fantastic, anyway. Be the lucky reader to post the 5,000th comment on this blog, and win one of my books, autographed.

There are less than 100 comments to go, so we should have a winner sometime very soon. Anyone can play, and anyone can win.

If you’re new here, or just haven’t commented before, we’d love to hear from you. Just scroll down to the bottom of any post and click “Leave a Comment,” and you’re in business.

Rules: No f-bombs or the like; no abusive comments directed at me or any readers; no making believe you’re leaving a comment when you’re really trying to sell something–I mean, honestly, that’s low and it’ll get you spammed every time; and no wasting time with stuff that’s just totally inane. Aside from that, pretty much anything goes.

I wish I could offer something more exciting than a book–a breeding pair of jackalopes, say, or a full-size replica of the Cardiff Giant–but for the time being, anything grander than a book doesn’t seem feasible.


9 comments on “Comment Contest Almost Over! Win Fantastic Prizes!

  1. I don’t comment much but I really reading your blog (and your books!). I appreciate your sense of humour…

    1. Thanks again.

      So many readers have told me they’ve had problems leaving a comment. Of course, they can’t tell me that until they finally succeed in leaving a comment.

      Anyone, if it isn’t working–try, try again. Please.

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