Got Discomfort? Call the Cops!

Are America’s “higher education” (lol!) nabobs purposely trying to render an entire generation of Americans useless?

Sure looks that way.

The University of Portland has instructed its students to call the Kampus Kops to report–get this–“incidents of discomfort regarding observed or experienced interactions of intolerance” ( ). The purpose of this idiocy is to combat the “widespread use of microaggression on campus.”


I had no idea the Portland campus was such a hellhole of intolerance, did you? I mean, it must be really raw out there.

Wait, wait, back up–what’s “microaggression” again?

Well, it’s those little bitty things you say and do, without even being consciously aware of it, that make poor little collidge kiddies feel uncomfortable. Something like “Have you got the time?” is in reality a racist rant that threatens Our Cherished Minorities.

So, okay–to the tune of $100,000 or more in student debt, let’s prepare the next generation for living and working in the real world by teaching them that they are entitled, absolutely entitled, to go through life without ever seeing or hearing or reading the slightest little thing that they don’t want to see or hear or read. Unless, of course, they’re white male Christians who don’t happen to be homosexuals.

Is this mass of over-educated, incapable, whining, bellyaching protoplasm really what Our Glorious Leaders want to rule over?

Sure looks that way.

God help us. Not that we deserve your help, because we don’t: but because Jesus Christ is our Lord.

4 comments on “Got Discomfort? Call the Cops!

  1. In my day, thank God!, we were taught (at home and at school) to think for ourselves, to be a leader rather than a follower, and to become a contributing citizen who loves the Lord and respects people.

    Our children are being indoctrinated by insane people who not only do not want the best for them, but want them to be – dare I say it – slaves to the whims of the state.

    Heaven help us! These may well be our future leaders!

  2. I’m only 50-years old, and I remember my teachers, both high school and college (grad school included), not ever preaching values – liberal nor conservative. They taught the subject matter and left the social aspect of my life to my family and colleagues.
    I would be remiss, if I did not amend my comments that the sociology and philosophy professors in college definitely leaned left, but they allowed open discussion of the topics!

    1. I did have one avowedly Marxist instructor in college, back in 1969, but he seemed capable of keeping his ideology out of our ancient Greek history course. But that was a long time ago.

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