De-Construckting White-Ness

That dop lee is out bying shoos, so i am hear with great news!!

Over at North Westren Univarsity thay have started a programb of Work shops thay cal it De-Construcking White Ness it is prat of there Socail Justice Educatin ( ) . If yiu are Wite you go into the programb and has to anser Questoins like “Waht is my Role in doin anti-racist Work?” and “Wye do I has to feeel gilty abuot Being wihte?” i dont kno what hapens if yuo anser them Wrong, i think maybbe you get beat up.

So anyhow hear at ore own Collidge we got a new programb jist lik that one onely better becose it is al fore yeares and everbody whose Whit have got to take it al fore yeares and it is caled “I Am A Dirty Racist,” it is al abuot Micro Agresion and hat speech and if you Wite yiu cant get a Degre in nothing withot unles yiu take this hear corse and you have to Cary books and stuf for all the Minoritty Stodents and cal them Sir!

I am extempted from the programb becose they shooting me ful of moth Hormoans as an exspearmint and anyhow i am all ready a interllectural becose i been in Gender Studies 5 yeares now and my prefesser he rote me a note sayin i am OK becose im not reely White anymore i am like 15% Insect or somthing.

Wel, us interllecturals we do Work up a Appitight doin al the Work of frunnamentally Trans forming Americca, so exccuse me wile i eat these here gloves thay are not badd with ketchup and mapple sirrup.

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  1. Well, Joe Collidge, since you’re the only mothman I’ve ever heard of except the one in the sci-fy movies, I think you’re being discriminated against. You should complain to your shoot-em-up professor and maybe they will hold a class on discriminating against mothmen. After all, you’re not even invited to holiday dinners anymore. Tell them how lonely you are. You could be doing a great service to your fellow students!

  2. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? However, I’m not so sure any more. If there are enough “mixtures”, white, being less colorful, may actually disappear if given enough time.

    1. That could be the plan, Erlene – or at least have white too ashamed to be white. Remember that girl last year who claimed to be black and then was revealed to be white? Strange world, and it appears to be getting stranger.

  3. Liberals keep saying, “It doesn’t matter what color you are! It’s what’s inside that counts!” and then tearing down the very concept that they claim to be upholding, by giving special privilege to anyone who isn’t white.

    For myself, any brother or sister in Christ is a brother or sister to me, not someone of a different race or color. Even non-Christians, I am generally able to look at them without prejudice of skin color. However, I do not like all cultures, such as the black culture where they let their pants fall below their waistline, gangster looks, rap, etc.

  4. Well, I think their whole concept is just beyond insane. No matter what anyone says, I will never be ashamed of my skin color or anything else that God has given me. I am not the most brilliant, certainly not beautiful, not particularly gifted, but I want my life to give glory to HIM, living as HE intends.

    1. Yes, Erlene, insane is a good word. When God created man He made all skin colors and when He looked He said it was very good. So if God was pleased, why isn’t man?

    1. Amen, Ina. But the world would like us to be ashamed – of whatever they dream up to be the next ‘problem area’.

      Respect has flown the coop.

    2. Linda, you have posted Comment No. 5,000, and won the prize. Pick a book, and I will autograph it and send it to you. (I hope it won’t be “Bell Mountain,” because I’m running kind of short on those.)

      I will need your mailing address, so please email that to me at

    3. Thank you so much, kind sir 🙂 My choice will be The Thunder King – you know, your book about the industrial revolution lol. I hope your publisher was able to straighten that out with Amazon. I will email you my address.

  5. Maybe your collidge should come out with a Deconstructing Insect program or something. It would be racist for you to be left out, Joe Collidge.

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