Hymn, ‘In the Sweet By and By’

I do have some hymn requests lined up, and I’ll post them all. But this one, if you don’t mind, is for me. Something about several generations of a family praising God together, making a joyful noise unto the Lord…

I haven’t looked at any news yet. I still have a nasty hole in my elbow. And would you believe it? I fell off my bike so hard, I tore one of my shoes. So today I have to run off to Payless before it rains some more.

But first, my spiritual vitamins…

2 comments on “Hymn, ‘In the Sweet By and By’

  1. This is an old-time favorite, for sure 🙂 And this family all worshipping together is the inspiration needed in these times. Great choice!

    That elbow of yours still sounds a bit painful and bothersome.

    Have a blessed and safe day, Lee. We, your loyal readers, pray for you and your family.

  2. I thought everybody had forgotten this “old timer” that I heard so often in the church of my childhood. Brings back wonderful memories. We should never forget these treasures.
    My prayers still go with you.

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