By Request, ‘How Great Thou Art’

Here you go, Erlene–a nice rendition of How Great Thou Art.

I can’t hear this hymn without thinking of my Grandma, who used to hum it as she sewed. Grandma died when I was 11, a long time ago, but she has been much on my mind lately. Having raised six daughters, she was mighty happy when her first grandson came along, which was me. Oh, my grandparents on both sides were mighty good to me! And I will never stop missing them until we’re all together again. In Christ’s Kingdom.

2 comments on “By Request, ‘How Great Thou Art’

  1. Thank you very much, Lee. This is one of my all time favorites. It just does something to me each time, no matter how many times I hear it. I have very fond memories of my grandparents too. My maternal grandmother sat at her sewing machine a lot, and out of that magic machine came beautiful, exclusive garments for me. It was a wonderful time growing up as a child among the members of a large family no matter if we were home with my gramma or visiting my paternal grandparents. I was, for that period of time, the center of attention receiving lots of goodies.

  2. Thank you, Lee. This hymn is one of my many favorites. Praise to Our Lord is always the very best way to begin every day. It sets our spirit on the right path for the day ahead.

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