The Anti-Bible Magic Trick

See if you can follow this line of reasoning. I encounter it all the time.

“God does not exist, and the stories told in the Old Testament are not true.

“I hate God for all those terrible things he did in the Old Testament!”

Brilliant, isn’t it? I hate someone who doesn’t exist for doing things that never happened.

“God does not exist, and there never were any such people as Adam and Eve, and never any such place as the Garden of Eden–and I hate God for kicking Adam and Eve out of the Garden.”

What sleight of hand is this? And why do they always get away with it? Like the postmodern collidge prefessers who say, “There is no truth; there is only your truth and my truth and someone else’s truth.  But if you don’t support ‘gay marriage,’ I’ll have you expelled from this university.” But why should we support sodomite “marriage,” or abortion, or amnesty for illegal aliens, or any other left-wing shibboleth if there is no truth? Left-wing causes are always treated as absolute truth by this crowd.

So God, who does not exist, was evil for blasting Sodom and Gomorrah, which never happened because the Bible is just a bunch of stories dreamed up by Jewish priests who wanted to fool people 2,500 years later… Welcome to the Alan Dershowitz school of theology.

People who think like this now control most of the institutions of our society. That’s why those institutions don’t work anymore.

O Lord Our God, remember that these things are done without our consent and against our will!

11 comments on “The Anti-Bible Magic Trick

  1. This is one reason I believe that when Jesus instructed His disciples to fish out of the right side of the boat, He was not merely referring to fishing, but also ideology. The further left, the further from God.

  2. I don’t get it either, but my mom is one of these people. There is no way to reason or discuss, because all you hit is an irrational wall of anger that seems totally misplaced. I am so grateful that God placed other influences in my life at a young age, and that I was able to hear and respond to His voice in spite of the parental opposition I faced.

    1. Though we’re not locked in constant battle over it anymore, the burden grows greater as she ages, because I know she isn’t saved and probably never will be. She has forcibly rejected and mocked Christ for so long, there may not be any coming back for her, short of an apostle Paul type conversion miracle.

    2. That’s very sad. I have the same concerns about my sister. All we can really do at this point is to pray for them.

    3. Yep, that’s all I have left at this point. If anyone ever gets through to her, it won’t be me. Too much history/baggage for her to open up. What is really sad is that she successfully kept my youngest brother from believing. He’s not angry like she is, but just thinks it’s all a joke. I keep praying for him too.

  3. I love this song- never heard it before, but it says exactly what I feel. I don’t care if I am considered NON-PC, or whatever. Much more of a concern about how I will appear before the judgment seat one day.

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