Can Your Cat Play Chess?

Our crack research staff has unearthed this rare video of a cat playing chess. It’s obvious this cat is a beginner: his handling of Exchange Variation of the French Defense leaves much to be desired.

But as Samuel Johnson said, when asked about a dog that supposedly could walk on its hind legs and talk, “The wonder is not that he does it badly, but that he does it at all.”

Imagine the embarrassment of losing a chess game to a cat.

3 comments on “Can Your Cat Play Chess?

  1. Much as I love cats, I can’t quite picture one that plays chess. Piano, yes,
    one of mine loved playing piano, not the worst pianist I ever heard. One cat loved TV, especially animal shows. He watched while the animals were on screen, then slept during all the commercials, and sometimes meowed at the chasing scenes.

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