The ‘Gone With the Wind’ of Kitten Videos

All right, this one is a bit longer (7 min.) than the cat videos I usually post. But I’ve had a hard two days and watching kittens play relaxes me. Especially when I don’t have to clean up any mess they care to make.

Sanity Break: Cats and Parrots

The title of this video is Funny Parrots  Annoying Cats. The mystery here is why the cats allow the parrots to annoy them. Somehow these birds know that these cats won’t really hurt them, even if they peck at the tail or steal the cat’s food. I know parrots are awfully smart, but how did they ever figure out how far you can push a cat and get away with it?

Cats Saying ‘Hello’

Since the glory days of the Indus Valley civilization, certain people have tried to teach their cats to talk. Perhaps this accounts for the collapse of the Indus Valley civilization. I mean, my cats can say “Meow” and that’s about it.

Anyway, here are a bunch of cats trying to say “Hello.” A few of them come fairly close to doing so. It is widely believed that Goethe had a cat that could say “Gesundheit,” but I’m afraid I cannot prove it.

Sanity Break: Guilty Cats

I feel the need for a cat break.

Here are cats that show every sign of being upset when they’ve been caught doing a no-no. Watching the one cat shred the roll of toilet paper, I wonder whether Mt. Vesuvius has been unjustly blamed for the destruction of Pompeii. Maybe it was cats.

Sanity Medicine: Kitten and Owl

So I’m taking my blood pressure, and the stupid box falls over and topples my glass of iced tea all over the table… Grrrr!

But here we have the calming influence of a kitten making friends with a little fluffy owl. Ah, that’s nice! Much nicer than–oh, stop thinking about it!

I am currently reading Bell Mountain No. 9, The Throne, trying to come up with suggested for our cover artist, Kirk DuoPonce. He’ll be mighty hard press to outdo the covers he created for The Glass Bridge and The Temple.

I wonder how my cats would get along with an owl.

Easter Morning Treat: Cats with Kittens

And now–why not?–a bit of God’s stuff that really works: cats playing with their kittens.

I love it when kittens run sideways. It’s like when they suddenly discover they can make their tails all puffy, and they run around doing it for no reason.

Only God would have thought of including cats and kittens in His creation.

Here’s What My Cats Did Not Do

I have posted this as an instructional video for my cats, Robbie and Peep, who totally ignore me when I’m sick. When Patty is sick, they can’t be pried from her side.When I’m hors de combat, it’s “Cats? What cats?”

Notice the cat solicitously licking the poor guy’s face until it breaks into a smile. All right, he seems to be only a little bit sick. So that makes it okay to ignore me when I’m a lot sick?

I hope they learn a lesson from this.

Humorous Interlude: Cat vs. Printer

Does your cat get along with your technology? Watch this little character’s eyes get wider and wider as she tries to let this printer know who’s boss.

My cat, Peep, has been fascinated with fragile machinery ever since she got up on top of the refrigerator somehow–I don’t know how–as a kitten, wormed her way inside the box containing my ice cream-making machine, and brought the whole thing crashing down to the floor. Peep escaped uninjured. My ice cream maker didn’t.

Humor: Letting the Cat *into* the Bag

My cats can’t resist doing this to themselves, although they never, never seem pleased with the result.

I would say this cat had a purpose in walking around with a paper bag over his head, but I can’t imagine what it could have been.

Maybe he writes for Scholastic Books.

Can Your Cat Play Chess?

Our crack research staff has unearthed this rare video of a cat playing chess. It’s obvious this cat is a beginner: his handling of Exchange Variation of the French Defense leaves much to be desired.

But as Samuel Johnson said, when asked about a dog that supposedly could walk on its hind legs and talk, “The wonder is not that he does it badly, but that he does it at all.”

Imagine the embarrassment of losing a chess game to a cat.