Christian Music, ‘The Lighthouse’

Suggested by Erlene, here’s John Starnes singing The Lighthouse.

What’s the difference between “Christian music” and a hymn? I think it’s only that hymns are in a hymnal and “Christian music” isn’t.

And I wonder how many of our beloved classic hymns would make it into the hymnals, if they were written nowadays.

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  1. The old hymns TEACH, about the gospel, the character of God, basic doctrine and principles. Much of Christian music is centered around praise (which is good of course ) and emotion. Christian music also relates to the present culture.

  2. Thank you, Lee, and thank you too, Erlene. I’ve never heard this one.

    Lee, I’m so glad you’ve provided a map of the whole area. Some of the names of the people and their tribes are quite inventive – and hard to pronounce lol. I’m also very glad I started at the beginning – I would’ve missed so much! Just getting into The Thunder King and enjoying the whole story immensely!

    1. Don’t forget those much-needed amazon customer reviews–even if you’ve only got time for a sentence or two.

      Sometime next week “The Thunder King” will be fantasy/Christian fiction as it ought to be, no more Labor & Industrial Relations.

  3. Thank you posting again. Senior moment- I forgot it had been on before.
    This one brings tears every time I hear it.

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