Scientists Say It’s OK to Lie for Climate Change

In April of 2014, two scientists published a peer-reviewed article in a scientific journal in which they stated that it’s perfectly acceptable to lie about “climate change” if it can get people to behave as scientists want them to behave ( ).

Don’t believe me? Fine. This is from the introduction to the article in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, by Fuhai Hong and Xianjian Zhen:

“In fact, our key result–that overpessimism alleviates the underparticipation problem–implies that the propaganda of climate skepticism–” Note that it’s the skeptics who are doing propaganda, not the confessed liars themselves–“may be detrimental to the society.” Dig those crazy euphemisms.

Another quote: “[A] rationale for the phenomenon of climate change accentuation or exaggeration [that is, lying] on the part of the international mainstream media…”–they are counting on the nooze media being in cahoots with scientists who exaggerate the effects of climate change–“… exaggeration of climate damage [that is, lying] may alleviate the problem of insufficient IEA [International Environmental Agreements] participation.”

So there you have it–scientists saying it’s okay to lie about “climate change” (known as Global Warming when the weather is hot) if the lies can be used to trick people into signing on to International Environmental Agreements.

At the time there were a number of scientists who denounced this paper in no uncertain terms. But when we hear a scientist preach about the need for tighter government controls on our behavior, because they’re needed to Save The Planet, how are we supposed to know which scientists are truth-tellers and which ones are liars?

General Principle to Follow: If a proposed policy or action will have the effect of increasing the wealth and power enjoyed by politicians and/or scientists who have already established themselves as liars and cheaters, such a policy or action should be immediately rejected.

P.S.: My friend the homicide detective says cases often solve themselves without him having to do much detecting. How? “The bad guys can’t help blabbing about what they did,” he explains. “If they don’t brag about it to some other convict, they’ll just burst. And then the other convict rats ’em out.”

Here we have the Climate Change bad guys bragging and ratting themselves out.

11 comments on “Scientists Say It’s OK to Lie for Climate Change

  1. Even if people really wanted to believe the scientists, doesn’t it occur to them that regardless of all the regulations they place on Americans, the world turns, the Jetstream continues, the oceans roll on – and the like? What happens somewhere else eventually comes here no matter what. Fukushima, for instance. How can they possibly spin that?

  2. When I do write my comments about your books, I’ll be sure to mention that I’m utterly surprised at every turn! What a fantastic fantasy! – with God and truth, trust and bravery, loyalty and friendship all woven in throughout! (I think I may have just written my review 🙂 )

    It may not be until next month that I’ll be able to get the remaining 3 – that could be along wait!

    1. Thanks, Linda–although, in all modesty, I have to admit I can’t compete with the climate change wallahs when it comes to spinning fantasy.

    2. That’s because they’re not spinning fantasies – they’re lying. In your fantasies, you’re telling God’s truth!

  3. With the passage of time, their lies just keep getting bigger and more outrageous. Scientism is a religion. It’s certainly not Science.

    1. Uh, because the whole power of the Democrat Party has been placed at their disposal, and between them they can do a lot to mess up our lives.

    1. Giving birth to baby hedgehogs strikes me as an operation requiring some finesse.
      I love the pix! Thank you, Linda. God’s stuff works.

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