Teen Busted (Again) for Impersonating Doctor (Again)

The criminal mind, usually so intractably stupid, occasionally bursts out in misdemeanors and felonies so creative, so energetic, and so grand, that it leaves us wondering what such a criminal might achieve if he could only channel all that oomph into some honest enterprise.

Case in point: Malachi Love-Robinson, now 18, who has successfully tricked quite a few people, over the past two years, into thinking he’s a medical doctor ( http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/palm-beach/fl-teen-doctor-arrested-again-20160302-story.html ). Malachi has been busted again, and is this time accused of having robbed and swindled his patients. When he was busted last year, at the age of 17, it was for performing physical exams and giving medical advice as if he really were a doctor and not just a kid in a white lab coat.

Malachi’s defense attorney has praised the lad’s entrepreneurial spirit, likening him to Donald Trump or Bill Gates.

You’d think someone would come along and give this kid a scholarship to medical school, if only just to see if he has what it takes to become an official and bona fide medical doctor. Of course, his criminal background would be an impediment.

Imagine, though, if some of these really creative and hard-working criminals were honest! They might achieve great things. Instead, they waste their efforts on crooked little schemes that really don’t amount to anything.

Puzzling, isn’t it?

6 comments on “Teen Busted (Again) for Impersonating Doctor (Again)

  1. We are admonished to “test the spirits”. First, know who is his Master before gifting him with medical scholarships.

  2. Lee, did you see the article today in dcclothesline that DC council approved paying criminals not to commit crimes? They call it ‘paying for peace’. You had a post about that not too long ago.

    1. So they went ahead and did it, eh? It figures. Well, it opens up a whole new field of employment, doesn’t it? I wonder if anyone will pay me for not committing crimes.

    2. Don’t count on it. I think they only pay criminals – not law-abiding, God-fearing people like us. They already expect us not to commit crimes.

      Each day I find myself shaking my head, asking Father how much crazier things could possibly get, but every day it gets crazier still.

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