My Daddy Used to Sing This to Me

Sweet Violets is a gag song, actually, but my father used it as a lullaby. I think my earliest memory is of him singing this to me.

To hear it again, after all these years and years and years–well, gosh, that man sure did love his children.

I miss you, Daddy!

4 comments on “My Daddy Used to Sing This to Me

  1. How precious! I actually remember this song. My grandparents used to sing us little songs like this. Thank you for another walk down memory lane, Lee.

  2. Sometimes memories really can be bitter-sweet, can’t they? When I re-discover things like this that remind me of my grandparents, I want to just immerse myself in them, and smile, and bawl my eyes out all at the same time.

  3. This is really special. I always got a kick out of that song. The singer was quite good, too.

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