Talking to Statues

So here is yet another report of NOAA, an agency of the U.S. government, finagling temperature readings to prop up the Global Warming scare ( ).

And I already know that many of the people I talk to won’t take the slightest notice of this information; and that if I bring it to their attention, it’ll have no more effect than bouncing peas off a brick wall.

It’s like talking to statues. It’s frustrating. And it’s not because these are bad or stupid people. It’s because they’re sure they know things, when they don’t.

They don’t know, for instance–and don’t want to know–that there has always been a segment of the scientific community, reaching well back into the 19th century, which, allied to “progressive” political leaders, has always had a burning desire to manage other people’s lives–always in the belief that they, and they alone, know what’s best. If this knowledge is not part of the hearer’s mental landscape, he will simply not believe any evidence you present that the “scientists” and political big shots are incapable of speaking truth.

This is not secret knowledge. This is not conspiracy theory. We know these self-appointed philosopher kings want to rule the world because they have always said so. They give speeches about it. They write books about it. And the nooze media, teachers’ unions, colleges and universities, and a whole corps of celebrities are on their side. Given all that, it’s a marvel that any skepticism remains in play.

And so most people believe as they have been taught all their lives, that Science is the ultimate authority, the Experts really do know best, and that even God’s word itself must be subordinate to that ultimate authority. It truly does not occur to them that in this they might be wrong. As wrong as can be.

As a Christian I must believe that truth will prevail in the end, because God is true. He is the sovereign ruler of all that He has created, and His will shall be done. One way or another.

Sing louder.

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  1. Even Prester Reesh knew that.

    God will have to sort this all out – and sort it out He will.

    There is hope though. My grandson, a physicist in quantum physics, once told me that the more he studied science and physics, the more he knew God is real.


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