By Request, ‘Take Time to be Holy’

Let’s start the day with this beautiful hymn. I knew this melody, but had never heard the hymn sung: so thank you, Linda, for suggesting it.

I’m feeling good this morning because I got back on my bike. The wound is not entirely healed, but enough is enough. As long as I don’t fall off again, I’ll be all right. It looks like we’re going to have an early spring, and I don’t want to let any more of these gorgeous days go by without making full use of them.

As for my on-the-air interview last night… well, I haven’t heard it yet.

10 comments on “By Request, ‘Take Time to be Holy’

  1. Thank you, Lee. The sentiment of this hymn is what we should strive for every day

    Your interview last night went great! Hopefully, people who weren’t familiar with ‘Bell Mountain’ will be curious now and take a look. .You’re a gifted writer, Lee, and I was glad to hear that you have no intention of ending this beautiful story.

    1. As one of your fans, so would I.

      And I forgot to mention, during your interview, it struck me that you sound like such a kindly man – I actually thought of Obst. 🙂

  2. Say it isn’t so. Obst transcends time. And remember, he was given a renewed spring in his step.

  3. How did your bike ride go this morning? Hopefully, the pain from your elbow was tolerable and you were able to enjoy your ride.

    1. I only rode it around the block so I could set it up in the back yard. But I want to resume my regular riding as soon as possible. If I wait for this wound to be 100% healed, that’ll be next Christmas or something.

      The elbow doesn’t hurt anymore except when I bump it. Then it goes off like a rocket.

    2. Healing in a spot like that always takes longer. Moving impedes steady healing. But at least you’re managing now.

      Another thing I forgot to mention – I was fascinated to learn how your idea for Bell Mountain originated. How cool!

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