The Sparrow is OK

Hi, Mr. Nature here.

A couple of hours ago, my wife found a sparrow sitting on the sidewalk, not moving–sick or injured, we reckoned. A foot away we found another one, dead. I thought this might have been the result of a bird-fight: I’ve seen sparrows in action, and they are pugnacious little fellows.

All we could think to do was for me to put on some latex gloves, because wild birds can carry all kinds of germs, gently pick up the bird and put him down where no one would step on him and where the hawk wouldn’t easily see him. On the ground, this bird was just about invisible.

Just now, I went outside to check. The sparrow saw me, got up, hopped around a little–and flew away. That made us quite happy.

They’re little and cute, but I think they sure do love a fight. I’ve seen them gang up on the hawk to chase him away. Seen ’em gang up on each other, too. Oh, well. Not a sparrow falls without the Father. I presume God likes them. Probably a lot.

4 comments on “The Sparrow is OK

  1. Oh, how sweet! That’s very kind of you both.

    Reminds me of the Quaker Parakeet (they’re actually small parrots, plentiful in the wild in South Florida) that was sitting in my yard. He appeared to have heat exhaustion because he was very slow and wouldn’t fly. I brought it indoors and placed him in an extra birdcage I had and gave him some bird food and water. He remained with me for about two weeks, and started vocally responding to my ‘hello Winston’. For some reason, I called him Winston.

    One day out on the telephone wire was another Quaker calling out. Winston perked up so I brought the cage out into the backyard and opened the door. They called to each other for a few minutes when all of a sudden, out of the cage and up onto the wire went Winston. The two birds reunited, sat there snuggling and preening each other for about 30 minutes. They finally flew away together, chattering like Quakers do. Every morning from that day on, the two would fly over my yard with Winston swooping down close to the ground, and as he did so, I would hear the familiar ‘hello Winston’.

    Makes my heart happy even now when I remember.

  2. What great stories. At my former home, there were dozens of sparrows that sat down in my back yard, some on the patio, and I would throw out seeds, etc. They grew quite tame, arrived every morning, and if I was late, they came up to the sliding glass door and tweeted at me. ha

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