Our Ruling Class: One Big, Happy Family

I don’t hold with those who say there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Behavior that would cause a candidate to be shunned and despised by Republican voters will win him big points with Democrats.

But that’s just us groundlings. Once you get high up into the political stratosphere, the two parties merge into a professional political class that takes care of its own, always, and has interests that usually conflict with the American people’s interests. Guess whose interests are served first.

I’ve come around to the belief that a Hillary Clinton presidency, disastrous for America, would be tolerated easily by the Republican leadership–at least tolerated, lived with, and worked with to their mutual advantage. Probably even welcomed. Because when all is said and done, both H. Clinton and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are members of the same big, happy family that always looks after its own. The people are its prey.

Far be it from me to tell anybody how to vote in this scorched-earth Republican primary. Let me just say this:

Our country’s permanent, professional political class is the source of all our country’s ills and will continue to damage her for as long as its members are allowed to feast on her. Sooner or later they will turn America, forever, into something she was never meant to be–something that will be very, very bad for us but very, very good for them.

Let this guide your vote.

Because if we don’t get this vote right, we won’t have many votes left.

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  1. It’s my contention that both parties have the same goal, albeit they attempt to arrive there by different means. I always say they share the same bed, but use different sheets.

    They are not for ‘we, the people’. They are for their own power and they serve their master – Satan. (I believe that some of them actually know their master intimately).

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