My Fokes Will Be Sarry!

When Hillery is Pressadint my dad and my mom they are goin to get it but good, and my syster she gonna get it too.

I wentt home yestadday to tel them that my prefesser he sayed that ordrinary wite peple like them thay shuld ouhgjt to have to give up there houses to Undockuminted Migrains to make up for bein wite and having Wite Priflidge and thay are lucky, last weak at Harvord thay sayed wite peple males thay ouhjt to Kill themselfs! to make up for havin Wite Prifflidge.

So thare i was bein nice and givin them a Heads Up and my dad he grabbed me and he Put me over his knee and give me a Spankin! And then my mom and my syster thay got there licks in too. And then thay made me wach wile thay pullt all my pixtures out of the fambly foto alblums and tore them up and throwed them in the Fire Place!!    Dont “yuo ever” come bake heer or “we” will be chuckin yiu into the Fire “Place”! my dad he sayed. And my mom she sayed i was a Discrace to Her Woom, i dont know what she meen by that.

You ask why i dint cal the Police and have my fokes arested? Wel it was jist too embarassin! but i got to rite abuout it or i will Bust a Gasket.

It jist gose to show my fambly is a bunch of biggits and Haters and that Is what al Wite Peple is unlesss thay are Interllecturals like me.

Boy wil i lafgh at them wehn Hillery has them all Carted off to Re Eddication Camp!

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  1. Well, Joe Collidge, here we go again. I’d tell you how idiotic you sound, but I’m sure it would go right over your antenners. Ask your perfesser if he gave his house to migrains. His answer will no doubt get your antenners in a twist again because I’m sure no perfesser gave up his house. Also, since you can’t go to your parents’ house anymore, maybe your perfesser will invite you to his house – since he won’t be giving it up anytime soon.

  2. Well, Lee, the scientists and professors at the idiotville higher learning centers have outdone themselves. I just read an article from the Drudge Retort. It seems that scientists from the University of Exeter and some of their colleagues from various universities have come up with a new reason why females in the animal kingdom are much less ornate than their male counterparts. Get ready . . . drum roll please . . . it’s to avoid sexual harassment. Yes, apparently this has invaded the animal kingdom too. Here’s the link if anyone wishes to peruse this article:

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