Who Do These People Think They Are?

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To paraphrase Vince Lombardi, and come up with a likely Democrat campaign slogan for 2020, “Race isn’t the most important thing. It’s the only thing!”

Oh, I’m tired of it!

So now it’s presidential wannabe Kirsten Gillibrand, a U.S. Senator from New York, diving headfirst into the racial grievance derby–but get this! She can “talk to those white women who voted for Trump” and win them over for the self-hatred party. She can “explain” to them what their “white privilege” really is! (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/gillibrand-says-she-can-explain-white-privilege-to-e2-80-98white-women-in-the-suburbs-e2-80-99-who-voted-for-trump/ar-AAF9QtS) That ought to net millions of votes right there.

Do these jerks even know what a president is, or what a president does?

At the flea circus that was last night’s second-round Democrat B.S. session, Gillibrand described America as a racist hell-hole where all black people are at any moment apt to be arrested or shot by police. But not to worry! She’ll simply explain to white people how bad they are and how they ought to apologize for existing, and we’ll wind up with a kind of paradise.

Who do those people think they are? And what a shame it is, that anybody ever listens to them!

It would do much less damage to the country if Dems just held a lottery to pick their candidate.

Don’t even think about voting for any Democrat, anywhere, ever again.

Wahoo! The 19th Annual White Privilege Conference!

(Thanks, I think, to “Unknowable” for the news tip)

It’s not that leftids are getting more asinine. They’ve just gotten bolder about letting us see them for who they really are.

Those lucky college students at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, will be getting academic credit for attending, online, the 19th annual White Privilege Conference at Grand Rapids, Michigan. Not-so-lucky students will be required to attend in person (https://mail.aol.com/webmail-std/en-us/suite).

But wow, dig this deal! You can apply these credits toward getting your “Graduate Certificate in Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion”! What, pray tell, are you supposed to do with that, once you’ve got it?

Taught primarily by world-class hypocrite white liberals, the conference will feature over 100 workshops with cool titles like “Breaking the Chains of Capitalism and White Supremacy,” “The Whiteness of Law,” and “How Whiteness Kills.” They’re not a bit shy anymore about admitting that they’re commies. They don’t like the laws, either. Laws are so much nicer when they’re made by a people’s soviet consisting of women of color. Or something like that.

Can you believe this preposterous event has already been held 18 times? And still white parents knock themselves out, working to pay the exorbitant cost of sending their offspring to these looniversities to get not-quite-degrees in Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion.

What’s wrong with you people???

a Not so Hapy Newyeers Four Me!

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Well dammit thanks to Wite Privlidge and Globble Warming i had a reely Stinky no good Newyears!! in facked i wond Up “in” the hopsitol!!

See it was “so” coled on Newyeers Eave that we culdnt has our annul Fire Works dissplay “hear” at Collidge! Globble Warming it makes The “wheather” reel coled and we culdnt be “out Side” so we desided to has the Fire Works indors in the LBGTQZ Stodent Centaur and this Wite Soupremist Deen he tryed to stopp Us!!! he sayed it “is” Not Safe but he ownly sayed that becose he wuld Not checkk his Wite Privlidge and aslo he got Homo Fobier!!

So we “has” The Fire Works any how in-side the Stodent Centaur and it was Going “jist find” until al Of A sodden the bilding it cought Fire!!! and we knowed “it was” that knotsy Deen his fallt and “The” hole damm thing burnt Down! and I dont know How “evry boddy” thay got Out and no boddy thay “got” burnt to Daeth but Me I got one of my Moth Antenners burnt offf!! O man did that “hurt”!!! and i had to Go “to” The Hopsitol and i ownly jist Got “out” Twoday!

Thare woodnt be No fire exept that Wite Privlidge Deen he wanted “it” to start A Fire “and” so it did!! and No boddy thay seen him “sints the” Fire!! He is hyding Out “and Boy” iff we evver “find” him he wil reely “Get It!!@

Your Ticket to Ride

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Tired of everybody hating you because you’re white? Tired of everything you do being chalked up to “white privilege”? And when you self-identify as an Oppressed Minority, nobody believes you?

Well, we’re here to help! For a trifling fee of $2,800, and a few hair and saliva samples, DNA ‘R’ Us will find that Oppressed Minority that’s long been hidden in your family tree. But don’t take our word for it! Senator and likely presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, whose “You didn’t build that!” quote you’ve probably heard a lot, can vouch for us:

“My career was going nowhere fast, until DNA ‘R’ Us found that Cherokee chief among my ancestors! It just took off from there! No way they’re gonna hold back an Oppressed Minority, when they can score big Diversity Points by hiring me and giving me tenure. My ancestor said ‘How’–but I say ‘And how!'”

Yes, this is your ticket to ride! This is how you shed White Privilege! Acquire instant respect and sympathy from all liberals everywhere, and all sorts of perks and goodies that would have been withheld from you forever if you’d just stayed white. Never find yourself on the short end of any argument again!

A final word from the author of this blog:

“Imagine my delight when DNA ‘R’ Us discovered that my great-great-great-great-great-whatever-grandfather was a Jebusite! Hum, baby, does the world owe me! And just watch me collect!”


When Morons Rule

This is an official video of a city council meeting in New Brighton, Minnesota. The thought that any place in America could be governed by such monkeys is a depressing one.

Watch the mayor and a councilwoman get into a food fight over “white privilege.” Ya see, says the mayor, we are all white folks, so we’ve all got white privilege and we can never-never-never understand folks who haven’t got it… Oh, never mind. When her rhetoric fails, she breaks down and cries. Obviously the councilwoman needs a refresher course in “You didn’t build that.” But she does say, “I know more people of color than you.” Does she win a prize for that?

The only white privilege I am aware of is that of being blamed for everything, expected to pay for everything, and gratuitously hated by every loser who needs to hang his hat on some excuse. That’s “white privilege.” Other than that, it does not exist. And because everything, I mean Everything with a capital E, is now called “racist,” I don’t care about that anymore. The word has ceased to have a meaning. And liberals can thank themselves for that.

Note the white liberal men sitting at the council table like dummies stuffed with rags. Is it possible they’re actually dead? I mean, if the occasion ever called for a raspberry… Well, let’s provide one.

College Idiocy du Jour

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Have you begun to wonder, yet, why anybody normal bothers to go to college anymore? After all, it costs a fortune and it doesn’t appear to be good for anything.

Today’s exhibit: The president of Albion College, in Michigan, denies he told the Student Senate that a white female student deserved to be assaulted by “protesters” because, as an evil no-good white person, she “had privilege” (https://www.thecollegefix.com/post/37600/). He denies it vigorously, but there seem to be an awful lot of people who saw and heard him say it.

See, they were having this “protest” over something or other, and the protesters were demanding that the college impose “mandatory diversity training”–are we sure we want to know what that is?–on everybody there.

Demonstrations, says the president, are supposed “to make us feel uncomfortable.” Of course, at the same time, saying anything that makes some idiot “uncomfortable” is hate speech or microaggression or racism or whatever and absolutely forbidden. There are those who are allowed to make people uncomfortable, and those whose only function is, it appears, to be made uncomfortable. It doesn’t work both ways.

I report these incidents only because they point to a looming social problem that may prove very hard to deal with.

Someday tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of these Godless, angry, unemployable, tantrum-prone, ignorant, incapable, deeply irrational “students” will be too old and too broke for any more “education.” They will then be turned out into our society. And the question is: What the dickens are we going to do with them? Just stand aside and let them do to the whole country what they’ve done to their colleges?

A de-Christianized America will be utterly defenseless.


Your School Tax Dollars at Work: P&J Sandwiches Are ‘Racist’

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The madcap principal of Portland, Oregon’s, chronically underachieving Harvey Scott K-8 School has decreed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches “racist” (http://dailycaller.com/2013/11/21/now-peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwiches-are-racist/). You’d have to ask her what makes them so. She has forbidden students even to mention them.

This dud, like all the other principals in the district, has passed through a special training program to teach them “to see their own white privilege.” Apparently it makes them loony, too.

The principal has also established a special lunchtime drum class for Hispanic and black boys only–no whites, Asians, or girls allowed. She defends this decision by claiming “white people” do this kind of thing all the time and get away with it. “That’s your white privilege,” she asserts. Any moment now, she’s going to dive into a pile of produce at the supermarket and try to bathe in it.

All right, you folks in Portland, let’s see you complete this sentence. “I send my kids to these schools because _____________.”

P.S.: This school consistently performs in the lowest 15% in the state, academically. The principal says she expects the segregated drum class to turn her “minority” students into wiz kids.

Viet Nam Blogger Jailed for ‘Defaming Government’

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A Vietnamese blogger known as “Mother Mushroom” has been sentenced to ten years in prison for “defaming” the government (http://journalstar.com/news/world/blogger-gets–year-prison-term-for-defaming-vietnam-govt/article_aadfb97f-f1cc-5941-9b58-a34f08a0fe56.html). This happened last week while we weren’t looking. The, er, trial only took a day.

What exactly is “defaming the government”? Well, it’s sorta like Climbit Change Denial, or using the wrong pronoun, or failing to check your White Privlidge. Nobody can quite say what it is, but they all know it’s a Very Bad Thing. I think it might have something to do with failing to acknowledge the wisdom and righteousness of the government in all things.

Don’t look now, folks–but this is where we’ll be if we ever again allow a Democrat to take the White House.

Reeding Grate Litterture!

Image result for images of stupid comic book

Haters thay think jist becose we in Gender Studies “it” meanes we hasnt got no taiste in litterture! Boy is that stopid thing to say! We “are” Interllecturals so of corse we reed grate litterture al the time!!

I has reeded al the grates,, Spiderman and Battman and Trans Formers witch “is my” favrote becose al them chacterers thay “are” Trans Gender! and to-day we “had a” guesst lectrer she teached us al “abuot how” Not to reed Racist litterture wrote by Wite Privledge Hattero-Sexist Mails! Becose it wil Rot yuor Mind and yiu only shuld “reed” litterture by wimmim and gay and peple thay are Not wite!

She sayed the porpose of litterture it “is to” Expant yuor Mind and make you Self more Progrestive! so i buyed me a isstue of “this” Doom Patrol Comick becose it got a pitcure of this hear Wite Mail he turnt into a Monster part Tryanosaurrus and part Octapuss! i think he “looks” like Donold Trumpt! and it taked me a Long Time to reed it and then i Had “to” throw it Out becose it didnt have no Gay Heero in it! and Besides it was “kind of” Racist tooo!

From Now On i wil onely reed litterture that cellerbates Diversity and thare istnt no Bynary Gender peple in it!!! and i wented To our Statchue of Pressadint Obamma and prombised him I wuld nevver reed no more Strait Wite Prifflidge litterture no more! That sure Made me feeel better!

PS, somboddy he jist toled me That thare wasnt no Octapuss in that comick After All it was some “kind of” Tree insted so now i has got to treye to Get my monny back!!!

I Got a Job!!!

Imajjin how up set i Was this weeek wehn I fond out my dad he got a lowyer and somhow my dad he got oute of payin my Stodent Dedt and he stuck me with it!!!! For my frist 5 yeers hear at Collidge now i got to pay them $150,000 dollers!

Wel i toled my prefesser abuot it and “he” sayed No promble, “yiu can Work Offf this” dedt, thare is a new Job opening with the Collidge at its Haul of Scentiffick Exspearmints! Al yuo got” to doo is sit in a cage and peple thay wil pay to Wach yiu eat sox and undies and aslo to seee yore Moth antenners growin out of yore four head! and i sayed “A Cage, yiu meen lyke in a zooo???” But he sayed the Cage wil jist be to proteck me from stopid peple tryin to grab my Antenners to seee if thay is reel which thay is and that wuld Hurt!! And he sayed “It wil bee the most interllectural thing yiu” has ever done!!

Thare is other Scentiffick exibbits in the Haul aslo, next to me thare is a life Size Dummy of Donold Trump and iff yiu payed them 50 scents yiu Can stick “a” pin in it! And thare is aslo a Wite Privlidge Booth ware yuo pay a $doller and go inside and get cussed at enuf to last yiu All Weeek!

So my frist day at my New Job this old guy he sayes “Wel how abuot that! a genuwine old-fashened Geek!” and i sayed “yiu meen” a geek like a computer guy? and he sayed No, “backe in the Old days a Geek was sombody you payed to wach Him” bite off chickin’s head!” But its allmost as good he sayed “to wach you eet a pare of Undies” and Wiggle them Antenners” round and round!

So that is My job now and i get payed 5 $dollers a day so i can pay offf my Dedt in no time! and probly i wil get A raise affter i got My “degreee in” Gender Studdies wich shuld be any yeeer now!