Emory Students Freak Out Over “Trump 2016” Scrawled on Sidewalk

Emory University, kind of a prestige school, has responded to a dire emergency by coming up with a new “campus chalking policy” regulating what students may or may not scribble on the sidewalk with a piece of chalk ( http://www.dcclothesline.com/2016/03/24/college-students-cry-and-call-for-a-safe-space-because-someone-chalked-trump-2016-on-a-sidewalk/ ). From now on, any little message chalked onto any temporary surface will have to be “pre-approved” by university bigwigs.

Yes–someone chalked “Trump 2016” on the sidewalk and the students went all to pieces over it. “I’m supposed to feel comfortable and safe here… I don’t deserve to feel afraid at my school,” whined one of the precious little flowers.

Gee–think they would’ve freaked out if the slogan was “Bernie 2016”?

I am at a loss to explain how so many of America’s young people could have been turned into blubbering crybabies in so little time. Donald Trump, they’re afraid of. Imposing a Stalinist chill on free speech, they’re not afraid of. Can it possibly be that these students–a word with increasingly negative connotations–really want to live in a world in which all opinions but their own are forcibly suppressed?

Let’s face it–there are too many colleges in America, too many professors teaching useless pseudo-subjects, and way too many confused young air-heads “studying” them.

This is not going to turn out well for America.

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  1. The indoctrination has been so complete that these students don’t realize once their usefulness has been outlived, they, too, will no longer have the liberty of opinions, free speech – not even ‘safe zones’.

    Heaven help us!

  2. Re. college students playing with chalk: what does one expect when they’ve been “schooled” in non-American schools these many years? Most high school “graduates” cannot count or read; how do you expect them to think before they act or even use their reasoning powers at all?


    1. We all get them Dorothy. WordPress assigns avatars when we comment. You can change it if you get a wordpress account, I think. They’re cute anyway 🙂

    2. Thank you Linda! I’m rather new to computer stuff. Having reached the ripe young age of 95, one can begin to realize all these new contraptions are nothing like the typewriters we used to enjoy!

    3. God Bless You, Dorothy! And welcome aboard! Lee is a wonderful Christian blogger (I think he has the best blog) and writes fabulous fantasy adventure novels, too. I’m in the midst of reading them 🙂 What fun! And congratulations on your computer skills. I turned 68 yesterday and am not very adept at these new-fangled contraptions either. I was introduced to typing on an old Underwood manual typewriter 🙂 So it seems, we’re holding our own!

    4. Dorothy, it’s always a treat for me to hear from you. Ah, the old manual typewriter! I still have one–but just try getting a ribbon for it.

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