Hillery Wil Give My Fambly What For!!

Ha ha that stopid lee he is riding his byke so now i got his blogg and yiu al wil get some wise interllectural geyedence for a change!

Hey do yiu kno what hapened to me yeastadday? My Grandma she shot me!!! OK it was onle with a pelett gun but it stil hurt! She went out and baut it jist so she culd shoot me with it, she was in the car leenin out the winder wile my Grandpa he drove and thay follered me al round the Campus untill i got “away”! And i told the Campus Cops but thay didnt beleave me.

Now a lot of ordrinary dum peple thay dont unnerstand why we got to have al Safe Space al over collidge; wel, this is why, yuor stopid fambly is why! Affter you ben in collidge for a wile yuor fambly gets jellase and then thay reely Hate it wehn yiu becolm a interllectural and yiu so much Smarter than them! Like Grandma and Grandpa thay so dum, thare wasnt no Gender Studies wehn thay was yung and so thay hates me becose I be so mutch Smarter then thay is.

And my Prefesser he explaned it all, That’s “why Hillery she said” It takes a Villidge to raze a Child “and” yuor Fambly thay can onely do it bad. Yiu wate till she is Pressadint and then yur stopid fambly thay Wil get whats coming to them! And aslo he Said my Grand Parents thay probly jellice of my moth antenners. Yes that Exspearmint with the Moth Hormoans it still goin on. Exsept i feel kind of Funny with it being spring, and i am hungry for socks and hankerchiffs all the time.

4 comments on “Hillery Wil Give My Fambly What For!!

  1. Well, Joe Collidge aka mothman – my suggestion to you is that you spin a cocoon to hide in until this stopid world is more suitable for smart interlectuls like you. It doesn’t seem like you’ll have to wait long. Just make sure you leave your antenners sticking out so they can find you. Oh, and make it big enough so you can bring a few socks and hats to munch on.

    1. Awww – now you’ve got me feeling sorry for you. It must be quite a burden to attempt such a feat, especially since we just don’t seem to catch on. More’s the pity. Why don’t you take a break, Joe. Have a hanky snack and console yourself.

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