Easter Morning Treat: Cats with Kittens

And now–why not?–a bit of God’s stuff that really works: cats playing with their kittens.

I love it when kittens run sideways. It’s like when they suddenly discover they can make their tails all puffy, and they run around doing it for no reason.

Only God would have thought of including cats and kittens in His creation.

3 comments on “Easter Morning Treat: Cats with Kittens

  1. What a fun, adorable video for your readers! Thank you, Lee. When the kittens run sideways and jump straight up into the air, it tickles my heart every time 🙂 When mama cats flick their tails and the kittens chase them, they’re actually learning the art of hunting. What a fun way to teach and learn.

  2. Nothing cuter and more fun to watch than a kitten, lots of kittens, and cats of every size. They can do more acrobatic exercises than almost anything else.

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