Now I’ve Lost My Doctor

Gee, Ma, why’s that man’s blood pressure so high?

I stayed away from doctors for years, but I finally had to go back when I trashed my elbow last month. And, lo, I found a wonderful doctor, someone I could trust. She was my age, and we could communicate. She knew how to use her eyes, ears, and fingertips to find out what was wrong with you. None of this computer crap.

To make a long story short, I needed to go back to her this week, but when my wife called to make the appointment, “Sorry, Dr. Hale is no longer with us.” Of she’s gone into that wild blue yonder, and here we are back to square one.

My aunt is still in the hospital. They say they’ve fixed everything, so I don’t know why she’s still there.

It’s blowing a gale-force wind outside so I can’t ride my bike.

Lord, give me strength.

5 comments on “Now I’ve Lost My Doctor

  1. Oh, Lee, so sorry. It’s awful when that happens. Did your doctor go to another office? Is it possible to find her? Usually, they notify you and give you the option to follow (if they’ve not moved away) or give you a list of recommendations to choose from. What a terrible development and not at all helpful to your blood pressure!

    Maybe they’re giving your aunt physical therapy for strength. Every time my 83-year old mother-in-law goes into the hospital they keep her beyond what the reason for her admission was just to build her strength with physical therapy. Personally, I wonder if it’s more a money-maker than beneficial to the patient, but that’s my cynicism showing.

  2. I agree in prayer: Father, in the name of Jesus, please give Lee strength, and peace, and solutions. We know You are sovereign, we know you love your children, and we know You have our best interests in mind when you remove one and set up another. Please send him exactly the help and attention he needs that his physical needs be cared for as only You can.

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