Back from the Kidney Doctor

The bad news is, I have to take more medicines. When my wife saw the list, she issued dire warnings of potentially drastic side effects. I wish she hadn’t.

The good news, if I may call it that, is that the doctor says there’s nothing wrong with me that three months or so of treatment can’t put right. Provided the medicines don’t turn me into the Wolf Man or something, I guess.

Please keep the prayers coming. All I want is to get back to normal. I have a new book to write, once the weather starts cooperating.

Anyhow, I came home and rode my bike, and now I want a cigar.

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  1. Your wife is a wise woman. It’s always a good idea to check medication side effects. There have been several times in my life that I’ve refused a medication because of serious side effects. I would inform the doctor and request that he/she find an acceptable alternative.

    Hopefully, these problems will resolve quickly and painlessly. Meanwhile, enjoy your cigar!

    1. Don’t they **all** have side effects? You see the commercials on daytime TV–apparently no healthy people watch those horrible game shows–and it’s all these disclaimers for death and madness and body parts falling off, etc.

      What am I supposed to do?

    2. You’re quite right, unfortunately. And one thing bears remembering – the pharmaceutical companies are NOT concerned with our well-being. There are no easy answers and sometimes we have to make difficult choices. I’m what the doctors refer to as ‘uncooperative’ because I prefer to research medications, tests, consequences, natural alternatives, etc. before making my decisions. It seems insane to me to take a medication that will resolve one issue while causing several others, some of which are quite serious.

      Years ago, I read a book: ‘Confessions Of A Medical Heretic’ by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. Scary stuff!

      Hopefully, your problems will be resolved quickly and without ‘side effects’. I’m praying for you, my friend.

  2. Doctors are like mechanics, they always find something wrong and they always charge an arm and a leg to “fix” it. My advice is to find natural alternatives if you can.

  3. Yes, I certainly agree with both Linda and Watchman. I always research every RX. I was once prescribed a type of tranquilizer anti depression drug when I was exhausted from caring for my husband when he had cancer, diabetes, COPD and some other things. I was simply tired, but his doctor insisted I was depressed and sent me home with a sample. I found in research that it caused suicidal thoughts and sometimes actions and a lot of other nasty things. It went into the toilet where it belonged.

    1. Not the first time I’ve heard that today… Don’t worry, I didn’t have the prescription filled for the anti-depressant.

    2. One other thing . . . don’t you find it appropriate and somewhat amusing that doctors refer to their business as a practice?

    3. I should mention that I know someone who went very far off the rails after being prescribed such medicine, and taking it.

    4. Another dirty little secret is the kickbacks some doctors sometimes receive from big pharma. It’s really a horrible situation for those of us just trying to do what’s best.

      And many of us probably know someone who has had serious problems because of anti-depressants.

      Sadly, gone is the era of the ‘family doctor’ who actually talked to you on the phone and even made house calls! Some of us do remember and long for those days.

    5. Actually, I can’t say any of the staff at the walk-in clinic that I go to has been at all averse to talking with me. Some of them even listen. Nor has anyone there asked any ridiculous personal questions that had nothing to do with my reason for being there.

      And Dr. Hale did do a marvelously good job of treating my mangled elbow.

    6. You’ve been blessed! I’ve had wonderful doctors over time, too, and there are still good, caring doctors and health care personnel. It just seems they’re becoming a rarer breed.

      Sleep well and have a peaceful, blessed night, Lee. Our Father God is in control.

  4. Come on now, Lee, you know them see-gars will kill ya! Plus, cigar cravings are caused by climate change and income inequality, so shame on you, you racist.

    Seriously, though, I’m glad you were able to ride your bike again, and I hope you’re feeling all back to normal very soon!

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