Hymn, ‘Rejoice, Give Thanks and Sing’

I have a lot of material on hand for today–but first, a hymn: Rejoice, Give Thanks and Sing.

Sing it loud, Christians; perplex the ungodly. Exasperate them. We want to hear them say, “Rejoice? What are they rejoicing about?”

You’ll find out. Or you could just read Revelation and repent. Hey, it’s up to you…


4 comments on “Hymn, ‘Rejoice, Give Thanks and Sing’

  1. Thank you, Lee. What a joyous sound!

    I hope your night was peaceful and stress-free.

    Would you please add ‘Praise Him, Praise Him’ by The Joslin Grove Choral Society to your hymn request list?

  2. Good morning, Lee, and all. This is a great old song. I don’t remember if you have posted “The Lighthouse” by John Starnes, but if so chalk it up to my old age forgetfulness.
    I think a good time spent in repentance is an excellent idea. Not one of us is so perfect that we have no need of that. We also have much to rejoice and give thanks for. Let’s do both.

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