Onely Racists Has Grammer!!!

Well HA-ha-ha! has i Got the last lagh here or watt?

Now i has Prufe that that stopid lee he is a racist expesally becose he is a eddytor or somthinge like that, wel here is a Bigger Eddyter then he Will ever be and she sayin it racist Racist RACIST to use grammer becose it got infented by deadd old Wihte Men they was aslo Rich! See, here it is rihgjt hear!! ( ) Watt doo yiu have to say to THat, huh Mr. Smartiepants?

I heared somboddy say The True “sine of a interllectural” is he dont know how to Talk so yiu can unnderstan him so he only Whind up talkin to hisself. Wel yuo kno what, whiy shuld a interllectural evver have to talk to ordrinary dum peple they istnt goin to unnderstan it anywaigh! Thay is two buzzy tryin to do grammer.

And gess wahtt! I aksed my Prefesser and he tolled me That Speling is Racist too jist lyke grammer and if yiu try to spel words that “Rihgjt way” it not reely Rihgjt at all its jist Racist.

Boye i Can jist immajoin al them Racists out thare tryin to figger out a way to ansser this!! Thay beter go Back to collidge in a hurray so thay can becume Interllecturals lyke myself i am one!

Wel i got to go now and sine up for Sumer Sesion in Gender Studies and then i got to get more Moth hormoans shot into me as prat of the exspearmint and Lee he istnt hear and thare is his Base Ball hat i gess i wil take it wihth me and Have itt for Lunch!

3 comments on “Onely Racists Has Grammer!!!

  1. First things first, Joe Collidge. Instead of eating that baseball cap, you should use it to cover your antenners, unless you think it will be too tight and cut off the blood supply to your brain. No – wait – I think that’s already happened so enjoy your lunch!

    And I hope you intend to be a professional student because you probably wouldn’t fit in with any other profession. You’re just too interllectural.

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