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Cars thay Are Trans-Gender Tooo!

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Well we didnt has no Gender Studies 666 class today becose the prefesser he sayed “he” didnt feel So good becose he “is” menstrubating and he got to “go” buy Some tamp-ons! So i was walkin Back “to” somplace i forget ware, Whenn I heared some guy he sayed he “has got” to Put some Trans-Gender Floid in his car!!!

Wuld yiu beleave it I didnt “know” Cars thay can be Trans-Gender jist like peple!! See i never knowed alot abote “cars” I has got no Drivver Lisince becose that Test thay “giv” yiu it isnot fare! I hate that stopid “test” becose it Dis-respecks my Micro Culture witch says i dont has to pay No “attentchen” to no stop sines or Trafick lites becose thay just istnt Part “of” My realty!! Like wheye shuld i has to stop jist “becose” of some Stopid sine that its probbly Racist! Besydes i am a Interllectural and i dont nead to dryve no Car!

But nowh that i Has “larned” that Cars thay “can” be Trans-Gender well i whant one “of thoose” Trans-Gender Cars to dryve al aruond the Campas!! It jist gose to Show yiu that Gender Floiditty it is a Unaversile Part of Natchure! Cars thay must “have” Eovvolved that waigh! jist lyke evry Thing else!!!

‘You Got no Interllecturals Day’

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Well, the Day “without” No Immagrints Day it was a Big Sucxsess and it gived us hear “at” Collidge a reel Grate idear!! Lets seee how Quick The countrie it Cries Uncle iff al them stopid ordrinary dumb peple thay got to Do without us Interllecturals for a Day!!!

And So we has orgranized “the” Day without No Interrlecturals Day it is scredulled for Feb. 30 and jist yiu waight And see What Happens wen thay hasnt got No interllecturals to do thare stopid “thinkin” for them! Boy wil thay be hurtin!! Then thay willl al Think Twicet abote standin Arond like dops wile Donold Trump he burns Up “the” hole Worlld jist so he “Can” make a Prophit!!

Jist think! Four one hole day them Stopid Dops thay wont have No more Gender Studies! No Wimmins Studies! No Socile Jutstice Studies! It wil be as Bad as havving No Ellectrisity and No Viddio games! Oh are thay goin “to” howell!! and it wil Serve them rihght!!! Thay wil soon Be begging for Us to come “back and” do al thare thinkin For them! And then thay wil have to Let Hillery be pressidint!

P.S.–As yiu Can seee i am Out of Jale now becose thay kicked Me out affter jist one Nihght and gess whatt them Fashist cops thay didd? Thay made a Terrarist Threat on me, “thay” sayed iff I ever gets Arested again thay goin to cal My Fambly! I dont want that to hapen becose my Grand Ma and Grand Pa thay sayed thay wuld use my asp for Targit Practise iff thay “see” me arond anymore. So i Has got “to” avoyed them for a wile!

What’ll We Do With Millenials?

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We have a gigantic social problem looming over our country.

What are we to do with millenials?

Recent college graduates, tens of thousands of them, with their whole lives yet to live–can’t hold jobs, can’t tolerate even the most trivial adversity, saturated with an ideology that is opposed to everything America stands for, unable to relate to people as individuals but only as representatives of this or that group, guaranteed and certified 100% useless–what in the world are we supposed to do with them?

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the company of teens and tweens, provided they haven’t been turned upside-down and inside-out by our culture and our schools. I wish I had more of you guys visiting this blog, to pep it up a little.

No, I’m talking about young people with degrees in Gender Studies and Social Justice, burdened by a load of student debt, who go stampeding for the Play-Doh and the Safe Space at the first little hitch in life that comes along, who want a participation trophy just for breathing. You can’t talk to them without triggering a trauma. And if you can imagine them trying to bring up children of their own, you have a more vivid imagination than I do.

So what are we supposed to do with them? They won’t be able to support themselves. Imagine hiring Joe Collidge to do anything more complex than sweep the floor.

I wish I knew the answer to that question.

Did them Apes Spiol Tarzan??

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Yestodday we has a Specile Semenar “for” our Gender Rolls clase It “was” al abuot Tarzan!! If yiu “are” ordrinary dum peple maybbe yiou Dont “know” abuot Tarzaan he was razed by Apes!!! in the junggle!

The guesst prefessor She toled “us” tarzzan He Was “a” reel person Even thohgh Russhan Hackers thay make yiu “think its” Only A movey but N-O-O, no! it Is The Trufth!!! Thare reely was Tarazan and “he” reely Did live With “the” grate Apes in Africka or else It was Chille Or somother Place “like” that.

Now the Big Quesstoin Is did them Apes spiol Tarzaan? It al Has To do whith Gender Rolls and Neeo-colognialissm and How this hear No good Rottten Patryarckical Soceity it jist Sucks Out looud and It opreses Wimmin and Gays and coses Globbal Warming and Climbit Change!!!! so It “turns out” them apes Thay dint Spiol tarzaan At Alll becose thay Teached him To “be” a Ape insted of a Lowzy man!! And al that Bad stuff In them moveys it was jist put in by Russhans to kepe Us countrey from Havin Equallity!

The Big Lesion of Tarzaann is That hiumans And annamals Thay Are Equel and Thay are Jist Exzackly The same!!! and That “is” Whye wee al has “to Be” Veggans and not eate “no” meet or “eggs” or Hallva (i think She “sayed” Hallvah but It mihgt of Been somthing Else) and cant whare No clothes unless Thay is made Out “of” Resycled Paper!

Itt made “me” feel Kindof gillty for geting Shot ful “of” Moth Hoarmoans thats Suposed to make Me growe Femail Cromosoames But “insted” is jist made Me growe these Hear Moth Antenners and now thay “are” itchin Very Bad so I got to Go!

Rutgers Prof Carted Off for Saying He Wants to Kill White People

Let’s learn to enjoy the sound of liberals indulging in hysteria. It’s a sound that says we’ve won.

Last week a professor of Gender Studies (what else?) at Rutgers University was hauled off to a psychiatric hospital by campus police after students complained about his lurid threats to murder white people–because, of course, he was so upset that Donald Trump had been elected president ( http://newsnx.com/2016/11/19/white-rutgers-prof-given-a-psych-eval-after-threatening-to.html ). He made the threats on Twitter; I am unable to confirm reports that he also made them orally in one of his lectures.

The idiot himself is white, by the way.

Ah, Rutgers! Ah, my alma mater! Boy, oh, boy, wait’ll the next time you guys call me up and ask for money! Go ahead, make my day.

I would ordinarily sympathize with students who see their tuition dollars going up in smoke, in the form of this jackass’s salary: but if you’re going to major in Gender Studies, what else can you expect? Right off the bat, your degree is total bull****. Oh–and he also teaches a course on “Beyonce.” Plenty of quality eddication goin’ on out there!

Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters don’t send them to places like Rutgers University.

PS–Would you believe it? The nutty professor is whining that his freedom of speech has been trampled on. Where in the world did he ever hear that there was freedom of speech at dear old collidge? Does he not know that the Rutgers Student Handbook comes right out and says there’s no such thing as free speech? Guess he can’t swallow a dose of his own medicine.

Nhow Yuo can Be A Interllectural Like Me!

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I got to aplaude this Guy nammed U.C. Davis he has got “a” kind of Kit that wil help yiu evven If yiu are a ordrinary dum peple to Become a Interllectural jist like Me “and” us hear at Collidge, al yiu got To “do” is memborize his LGBTQIA Resorce Centter Glossery ( http://lgbtqia.ucdavis.edu/educated/glossary.html ).

us Interllecturals we has alyaws knowed “that” Gay Peple thay are Smarter “then” stopid ordrinary peple whoo Dont “even go to” Collidge and It wuld Be a “good thing” iff evryboddy thay Was Gay or Lessbien or Trans Gender!!. Wel yiu has to Be Smart iff yiu goin to writ a Dictinery! Man “that” U.C.Davis he “is” One Smart indervidderal!

Anyhow iff yiu are jist a ordrinary dum Person whoo dont go to Collidge nhow yiu can Be “a” Interllectural iff yiu reed This “evry” day and Memborize al them Deffanitions! We has all reddy Done this “In” our Gender Studies degreee Pogrom.  and “That” is how Wee got to be Interllecturals!!! Thare isnt nothing Better then Collidge for giving yiu a reel Smart Brane but this hear Gay Glossery it Is “the” next Best thing!!!

This Mummy… It’s Alive! (Hysterical Screaming)

Well, maybe this is how it happens…

The Internet is great for getting all your questions answered–and I do mean “all.”

Like, for instance, this one: “How do mummies come back to life?” ( http://www.answers.com/Q/How_do_mummies_come_back_to_life?#slide=2)

The answer site concludes that mummies, in fact, do not come back to life. Well I never!

When the Egyptians made a mummy, they soaked the body in brine for a long time, then pulled the brains out through the nose with a hook. So right there you’ve got a major problem for any mummy coming back to life and wanting to do anything more demanding than sitting in a collidge classroom learning Gender Studies. They removed the rest of the internal organs, too–another difficulty.

See, the thing is, after they did all this stuff to it, they were pretty sure the body was dead. That’s why they put it in a tomb.

We must wonder who is asking such a question, “How do mummies come back to life?” What does that tell us about our education system? Okay, not everybody knows how a mummy is prepared. But they do know–don’t they?–that any mummy dug out of the sands of Egypt has been there for a long, long time.

But I am making assumptions.

Joe Collidge’s Movie Review

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I seen This movie yestadday it “was” in Gender Studies class and it was jist apsolotely grate!! only i cant rebember what “it” was callled. Aslo i cant rember whoo was in it but It was abuot some guy he Got his self turned into A wimmin and al Her fammly thay got Mad at waht she done And “so” thay made a Lot “of” micro-gresions aginst Her! and thatt was becose thay al ware no-good stopid christins.

Wel “let me” tel yiu that storey it got me good and mad! Wen yiu get yore selff turned into a Wimmin evryboddy has got To afirm yiu and cellerbrate waht yiu done! Hear at Collidge us Interllecturals we has maid sure “that” noboddy even aloud to Say annything hatful wen “someboddy” thay gett a Gender Change and if yiu dosnt say It “is” goood yiu gets Put inta Diversity Training!!!

Gee i wish I culd rember Waht was the Tietal of “that” movie but when thay showed The tietal thare was Somthing rong with My Moth Antenners thay was itchin somthing feerce and i jist keeped scrachin and scrachin butt “it” wuldnt stopp!! Wel yiu cann fiend out More abuot “this” movie Iff yiu go to Collidge and sine up For Gender Studies becose fromm Now “on” evryone hear has got “to” see it and wee “wil” make It a “New Rule” that yiu has to say its Goood or else yiu bein hatful “and” Intollerent and we wil beet yiu up Until yiu larn How to bee “more” Tollerent and aslo Incluesieve!

So dont yiu Dare “miss” This movie!

And nowe My antenners thay stil ichin I got to gett Out “of” hear.

This Is a Truly Stupid Idea: Free College

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Well, it’s getting kind of expensive to get your degree in Gender Studies, etc. So a new poll by YouGov claims about 60% of Americans now support free college tuition for anyone who wants it, paid for out of public money–that is, money that you and I worked for and had sucked out of our paychecks before we ever saw it ( http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/poll-most-support-making-college-free/article/2572333 ).

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things… Has anybody bothered to actually think about this?

First, free tuition will push the demand for college sky-high, necessitating a vast expansion of the whole university system (even if most of the freebies only go to community colleges, as our lying politicians assure us will be the case)–more campuses, more buildings, more professors, more administrators, more camp followers, and so on. It will cost infinitely more than the mere (!) $350 billion that Hillary “Careless” Clinton says it’ll cost.

Second, college does not produce a useful product, unless you can figure out a use for millions of whining, thin-skinned, lazy, ignorant, inept bozos with meaningless degrees in silly subjects. For every engineer who comes out of our colleges, we get how many unemployable dingbats?

Third, if everybody has a bachelor’s degree, then that degree has been watered down to the point where it means nothing at all. What do we do then–free tuition till you get your master’s?

Finally, our colleges and universities today are run by a crowd of Mao Tse-tung wannabes, perverts, pillheads, chowderheads, and people who just plain hate America and want to turn it into something else. There are already way too many of our young people in their hands.

If anything, we would be doing our country a big favor if we shrank the university system and had millions of people working and producing something useful instead of sitting in a classroom for five years learning about… well, nothing.

The Democrats are hot to trot with this fiasco.

And only the voters–lots and lots and lots of voters, with nobody staying home or wasting his vote on a third-party nobody–can stop them.

Weere Going to Studdy Beyonsay!

Man i jist fuond out that Our gender Studies Depat. hear at Collidge we are goin to get a Reel Beyonsay Corse!!! that thay usedto have at Ruttgers in thare Gender Studies Depat. only thay lost it twoo years ago “but thats” OK becose now Wee got it!

Wee got it frim the Amarican Studies Depat. at Ruttgers thay didn want it Anymore, i cant hardle wate to sine up for “that” classs! it is al abuot Black femmanism and Racile Jutstise! and we sil sitt thare in classs and lissen to Beyonsay records and Wacht her viddios.

My prefesser he Is “going” to aks the Collidge iff wee can has a Amarican Studies Depat. like the one Ruttgers it has& and thay got al kind of Grate corses abuot Spyke Lee and Spring Stein and even tatttooos! i wisht i culd git a degreee in that but we hasnt got it hear at our Collidge not yet. Butt jist imaggin How smart yood bee iff yiu had yore degreee in that!!!!

Yaknow that stopid Lee who has this blogg he whent to Ruttgers but it so longg ago he has forgot everthing thay taut “him” and aslo he is meene wenever thay cal him “up” to aks for Money, he shuld be putt in Jale for that!!! Probly Ruttgers lost thare Beyonsay Corse becose thay didnt have no Money not enuff thanks to Cheep Skates lyke him.

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