‘Feminists: Pumpskin Spice Latte is Racist’ (2017)

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It magically turns you into a racist!

Remember this? Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte was “racist”. Because feminists said so.

Feminists: Pumpkin Spice Latte is Racist

Funny, though, isn’t it? Starbuck’s embraces every stupid Far Left “cause” that comes down the pike–and they still get nailed. You just can’t satisfy any of those people.

I think it’s because they really enjoy being offended and angry, and even the slightest excuse will do. And of course you can’t appease people who don’t want to be appeased.

Grammar is ‘Racist’?

8 Ways to Overcome Bad Teachers (and 7 Mistakes to Avoid) - 4Tests ...

Liberals don’t think minorities can learn real stuff.

Please! Stop sending kids to Rutgers! They won’t learn anything, and they’ll be “taught” a bunch of crap.

The latest: Standard English grammar is [trumpet fanfare] Racist, and so the Rutgers B.S. University English Dept. will no longer teach it or expect students to know it (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3868323/posts). Instead, they’ll burden the students with “more reading” about Social Justice, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.

Can you honestly not think of anything better to do with your money than pour it into Rutgers’ treasury–or any other looniversity’s, because they’ve all become ridiculous?

In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the monster Caliban says to his master, “You taught me language, and my profit on ‘t is, I know how to curse.” Betcha Caliban went to Rutgers.

What? Do they think “minority” students just aren’t smart enough to learn grammar? Hint: yes. They offer you special favors, sunshine, because they don’t respect you. And by accepting those special favors, you forfeit our respect, too. But then you wouldn’t do these things if you had any self-respect.

Wor ‘On” Witeniss!!!

Rodin,-The-Thinker - VMFA Press Room

If hes so Smart how come he got no clotheses on?

We hased a meating of the Stoodint Soviet and we “are” goingto Wor!!!!! Wor on Witeniss! We are goingto “maik” Rooles aginst all themb things “that” “are” part of beeing Wite!!!

So fromb nhow “on” heer at Collidge,, we are goingto Get Ridd “of” Rashinull Thawt and Harred Whork and Intacked Famblies watever thay “are!!!”! Becose themb are al prat of beeing Wite and that maikes “themb” Racist!!!!

It “is” goingto to-be Harred to brake freee of Rashinull Thawt but somb “of” us thay are all-reddy thare!!!!! We are goingto Re-Plaice it with Un-Rashinull Thawt and anny boddy whoo is still Rashinull thay wil get beet Up and then has to go for Sensertivy Traning!!!

We all-reddy gotted Rid Of harred whork wen we brawt in Nothing Studdies!!!

As as four Famblies, fromb nhow On yiu cant has a Fambly and iff yiu say yiu do that meens Yiu Are A Racist!!!

We are stil Trying “to” ficks Pressadint Obommba’s Statchoo that we axadently pullled Down “and” broak “the” hedd offf it!!!

More Cultural Vandalism

Top Famous Paintings in Art History Of All Time Ranked

Forbidden! Don’t they know a painting like this is… Systemic Racism?

A San Francisco art museum curator has been hounded out of his job for saying he would continue to buy art produced by white men (https://sfist.com/2020/07/13/sfmoma-curator-resigns-following-uproar-over/).

And now art museums all over the country are scrambling to hire “curators of color” before Only BLM comes for their scalps, too.

Obviously the only solution to the problem is to impose a strict racial quota system on the art museums and beat anyone senseless who dares to question it.

This inane garbage has to stop before we have nothing left worth saving.


Is Chess Racist?

THE SEVENTH SEAL (Ingmar Bergman, 1958) A Knight's Despair ...

They’re as crazy Down Under as they are up here.

Taxpayer-funded Australian public radio, ABC, recently tried to open a discussion about chess being “racist” because White moves first, blah-blah (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/24/taxpayer-funded-radio-debate-chess-is-racist-because-white-moves-first/). The first Australian chess official they tried to rope in declined to appear, so they got someone else to try to defend something that doesn’t really need defending and anyway who’s listening? Everything is racist! Case closed!

You can’t even play chess anymore without getting nagged by race-obsessed stupid white liberals. They drag it into everything.

This has begun to resemble full-blown mental illness. Again we ask–do they want to ban everything? How about vanilla ice cream? White paint? Paper towels? Where does it stop?

I don’t think they know. Do you?


‘Systemic Racism’ Found–on Mars!

ESA - Mars landscape

NASA has discovered “irrefutable evidence” of “systemic racism” on Mars–and “It’s right there for everyone to see,” says Project Director Dr. I.C. Catpee (http://stupid.com).

“It’s all there in the stones and in the dirt,” Dr. Catpee continued. “See those shadows? You only get shadows like that when there’s systemic racism around–just like on earth!”

Mars, he said, “made the mistake of not having an all-powerful central government to address the problem, and so it just festered and festered for millions of years.” He did admit that the fact that the planet had no life-forms on it inhibited the creation of a central government. “But where there’s a will there’s a way!”

Systemic racism can be found “literally anywhere you look!” he said. “Don’t let what happened to Mars happen to earth! End systemic racism now, or it will end all life on earth… although of course women and minorities will be hardest hit.”

Firefox is Nagging Me

Nagging - Just My Little Way of Saying "I Love You" - Real ...

All I wanted to do was post a picture. But I had to pass through the Firefox search page on the way; and they had this little message waiting for me.

“Educating ourselves is how we can begin dismantling systemic racism.”

This is supposed to make me feel guilty. I don’t know about you, but getting nagged, yelled at, called names, and blamed for things I didn’t do does not make me feel guilty. It only makes me mad.

They can take their “systemic racism” and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Now They’re Coming After Kids’ Shows

Kidscreen » Archive » Spin Master, Nickelodeon unleash PAW Patrol movie

Can’t you just feel the racism?

In the latest scene of the Far Left’s concocted dog & pony show, rumors are a-swirl that the popular kiddie TV show, Paw Patrol, is about to be cancelled because it’s “hate” ever to show police–even cartoon police–in a good light (https://decider.com/2020/06/11/is-paw-patrol-being-cancelled-protests/).

But Paw Patrol‘s producers brought it on themselves, pre-emptively declaring “solidarity” with the racist/communist group, “Black Lives Matter” (except if they’re being shot by other blacks). “We will be muting our content,” groveled the producers, “until June 7th to give access for Black [why the capital B?] voices to be heard so we can continue to listen and further our learning.”

Could anything be more shameful? Are we back in Red China in 1968?

In the wake of the producers’ prostrating themselves to a bunch of communist race hustlers, a lot of people responded with humorous Tweets and ironic threats to protest the show. Obviously not meant to be taken seriously.

But it wasn’t obvious to some toadstool at the New York Times, who sided with the “protests” even though they were made as jokes, because, she babbled, Paw Patrol must (there’s that “pro-choice” crowd again, taking away your choices) join in “banishing the good-cop archetype” because, of course, there are no good cops, only bad ones. So says the New York Times. When are we going to banish the “good ‘journalist’ archetype”?

So far, Nickelodeon says it has no plans to cancel the show and has renewed it for an eighth season.

Like I said, so far.

My Newswithviews Column, June 11 (‘”Science” Disgraces Itself’)

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Never mind the social distancing! Let’s have a Mass Protest!

I hope you’ll all click the link to my Newswithviews column today–’cause we could actually witness the demise of science, as an avidly willing sacrifice on the altar of Far Left politics.

‘Science’ Disgraces Itself

(This computer, by the way, is giving me fits this morning. Do computers take LSD when we’re not looking?)

I think we have actually reached the point where a “scientist” will say anything, if it seems to be politically expedient. True or false, right or wrong, never enter into it.

Pagans, all of them.

‘Feds Rule “Don’t Tread on Me” is Racist’ (2016)

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And here’s one from those unblessed days of the Obama administration, when they were laying the groundwork for this year’s riots.

Feds Rule ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ is Racist

Eight long and dreary years we had of “Everything is racist!” And every hint of opposition to anything put up by Democrats–that was racist, too.

We didn’t fight it then. And so it’s crushing us today.