‘The’ I-Q Skandle Of The Centaury!!!!

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I cant beleave “the” Hait and Racism!!! But thare “it is”!”!” Somb Biggit Haiters thay done a Studdy “that” sudjests our I-Qes thay ARE GOING DOWWN INSTEAD OF UP!!!!!!

So heer “at” Collidge our Stoodint Soviet we done our “oan” studdy and gess waht!!! We “Are Not” geting dumb and stopid!! No way!!!! WE ARE GETING SMARTER EVRY DAIY!!!!!

Jist look At us!!!! Nhow we are Abel to see Racism evvry-ware!! Epsessially in plaices we never seen It befoar!@!! We can spot Secksism and Abelism and Wite Stupremmasy a myle awhay!!!! Heer,, i whil shoew yiu! Taik a Look “at” this heer Basebawl Card!!!

Bill White 1959 Topps Card 359

Yiu wood nevver gess this Heer Bil White gye he was a Wite Strupremmassist wood yiu?? Butt nhow that we been “To” Collidge and awl got Smart, we “can” see it rite awhey!!!!! It taiks Reel Eddication to do That!!!!!! So haow the blaizzis can They say weer geting dumber????

Jist the Other Daiy i tryed “to” putt a Hat on and gess waht!!! It diddnt fit,, “it was” whay tooo Smawl!!!! That thare it is Prooof that my Brane it has groan Bigger!!!! becose “of” awl “the” Eddication i been puting Into “it!”! Bye the tymb i gett “my deegree” i whil kneed “a” mutch Bigger Hat!!!!!



Wiping Up the Floor with the School Board

How now! I missed this when it first came out, two years ago; but I’m glad I’ve got it now, because it’s solid gold.

Hear this 15-year-old high school freshman level the karma of the District 196 school board in Minnesota. He’s decided to finish his education somewhere other than Rosemount High School–where the only thing that matters to the “educators”… is race! And cutting white people down to size.

The crowd applauded enthusiastically.

What in the world are people thinking of, who leave their kids in public schools? Nothing is taught there but racial paranoia, aberrant sex, and Far Left politics. That’s it, that’s the whole curriculum.

And it only took a 15-year-old to see right through it.

‘American Whiners Censor Australian TV Commercial’ (2015)

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“Oh, noooooo! Not fried chicken!”

No place on the planet is save from the ravages of whiny liberals. In 2015, American liberals horned in on Australian TV’s cricket broadcasts.

American Whiners Censor Australian TV Commercial

Yes, white liberals decided that black people ought not to like fried chicken. In fact, virtually everybody loves fried chicken! And virtually all normal persons don’t like liberals. I mean, which would you rather do without?

Coach ‘Suspended’… For Quoting Bible

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Sorry–couldn’t resist the sign. I don’t have much respect for sports.

Ooooh! You quoted the Bible! Taboo! Verboten!

The basketball coach at Texas Tech has been “suspended” for quoting the Bible to one of his players (https://thefederalist.com/2023/03/06/texas-tech-suspends-head-basketball-coach-for-quoting-the-bible/). Seems it was racist! Somehow.

The verses in question supposedly had to do with “serving their masters” and “being more receptive” to coaching. Yes, in several places, the Bible does tell us to serve our masters–because everyone, no matter how high up the ladder, has a master in Jesus Christ. It’s about conscientiousness. It most certainly is not about racism.

What, exactly, is this coach in trouble for? Would he be in the soup if he’d quoted… oh…Obama? Or Lenin? Marx?

Of course not.

College hoops is big business whose purpose is to rake in money. The “education” part is a fig leaf. But in the world of public education, Woke tops every other consideration.

That’s why our country’s on the ropes.

‘Now You’ve Heard Everything’ (2019)

A Tale of Two Cities, Part 3: Two Women | The Heavy Laden Bookshelf

“There’s knittin’ and there’s knittin’…” –Madame Defarge

You’d think knitting would be a harmless, peaceful way to spend your time–but not if the Wokies have anything to say about it!

Turns out that this, too, is Racist… and you need Persons Of Color to straighten you out.

Now You’ve Heard Everything

The whole idea seems to be “No more fun allowed!” Live out your days in the dreary, hopeless, stupid world of woke.

Syince It Is Jist Moar Wite Strupemmasy!!!

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Nhaow the Trooth it comes Out!!! Syints it “is” Wyte Strupremmasy in Disskies!+!! And that is “The” reezin I fluncted Kemmistry!!!!!!

Yiu doughnt beleave me??? Well, jist loook “at” that Pixture!!!! That there, it is a Wite gye!!!!!!! It Is a Wyte gye dooing kemmastry!! and thay aslo doo Fizzix tooo!!!!Evry ware yiu look is Wyte Superpremmasy!!!!

Heer “at” “the” Stoodint Soviet,, we has de-sided to Do Sumbthing abuout It!!! We voated to get ridd “of awl” the Syints at This here Yoonavarsitty untill we can has Queer Black Femmanist Syints and “no” Other kyned!!!

And aslo we Are goingto ficks that thare Peeriotic Tabel so it woont “has”no moar Wyte Ellamints!!! Jist Black ones lyke Carbin and that stuph thay put In Penssals!!!!!! This it “Is” Very Good becose it maiks tha Tabel mutch shoarter!!!!! (We Can aslo has Chalklit becose It is a nother Braown Ellamint!)

Fromb naow On we whil Not alouw The Collidge to teetch Any Thing Wyte!!!!!! And we Are aslo whirking On “getting Ridd” of Wyte Payper tooo!!!

Stupid Stuff from Norway: Is White Paint Racist?

What Did Vikings Really Drink? - A Historical Norse Investigation

Norway quaffs the Kool-Aid

I wish I could say this is a satire, but it isn’t.

Norway’s University of Bergen has spent over $1 million to find out if white paint is… “racist” (https://nypost.com/2023/01/20/norway-funds-research-to-find-out-if-white-paint-is-racist/). Actually, it sounds like they’ve already made up their minds and are only “doing research” to spend the money before someone takes it back.

White paint, says one of the jidrools in charge of this caper, helped “contribute to white supremacy” and [trumpet fanfare, please] has “planetary consequences.”

Babble, babble, babble.

Has Western civilization become too stupid to survive?

College Pays Off $36 Million in Lawsuit

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Look for the tuition to be going up soon at Oberlin College! After 6 years of litigation, the college has finally paid $36 million–in damages and attorneys’ fees–to a bakery that college officials tried to drive out of business by smearing it as “racist” (https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/lorain-county/oberlin-college-completes-payment-gibsons-bakery-defamation-case/95-ff4da16c-37d1-433f-bc1b-3e1ee219da29).

[Special Challenge! Can you name five things that aren’t racist?]

Once upon a time, an Oberlin student, with two others, tried to shoplift at the bakery. The baker ran after him and tackled him. Voila! “College officials” swung into action to destroy the business.

It would be just if said “officials” were made to feel pain and hardship over this, but they’ll just pass it along to the next generation of suckers who register at Oberlin.

As we speak, tuition at Oberlin runs from $30,000-plus a year to $61,000 plus.

The things people find to do with their money…

Uh-Oh! More Racism!

Daddy Long Legs 411 - The Infinite Spider

If spiders had to pay for airline tickets, Daddy Long Legs would get soaked.

Wow! Here’s yet another thing you never knew was Racist!

President SloJo sez that airlines charging extra fees for extra legroom are being unfair to [trumpet fanfare] People Of Color (POCs) and other “marginalized Americans” (https://viewfromthewing.com/president-biden-charging-for-extra-legroom-seats-after-ticket-purchase-is-racist/). Betcha never knew that!

Wait a minute… Are these the same “Marginalized Americans” whom the nooze networks put on center stage every single day, and for whom our politicians scramble all over each other to please and appease?

Confound it, though! Everywhere you look, everything is racist. And we have always known that long-legged marginalized Americans of Color (LLMAOC’s) are the most marginalized and discriminated-against of all. Except for maybe long-legged marginalized transgendered Americans of Color with male pattern baldness (LLNTAOCWMPB’s). They’re really up against it.

Well, the government can at least punish the airlines.

‘Tanystropheus’ Nickname is Racist

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Well, why not? Everything else is racist. So why not long-extinct reptiles with preposterously long necks?

‘Tanystropheus’ Nickname is Racist

Some of you have wondered, “Is Hormad High School” a real place? Well, hormads were artificial humans created by a mad scientist in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Synthetic Men of Mars. Here in Reality, our self-anointed elites would like nothing better than to replace us all with artificial people, or maybe just robots, that will obey them and never make waves. In that sense, “hormads” are already with us. We just call them Democrats for laughs.