‘Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t’ (2018)

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Not that I’d be caught dead doing this…

Let’s see… If you’re a white person and you do yoga, that’s cultural appropriation and that makes you a Racist. But if you don’t do yoga, then you’re rejecting a Minority Culture and not being Multicultural… and that makes you a Racist.

Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t

I will never believe these vipers acquired power over my country without the most massive fraud in all of history.

Now, of course, we can’t cut off funding to the stupid colleges. We waited too long, and now the bad guys are in the driver’s seat.

Gear up for a long dark night of stupid.

‘Now It’s a Racist Robot’ (2017)

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Never having been alive in the first place is no defense against a charge of Racism.

Now It’s a Racist Robot

If robots can be racists, can toaster-ovens, hair dryers, waffle irons, or cinderblocks be far behind? And if inanimate objects can be guilty of Racism, what about sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or phobophobia?

And we are asked to believe that a majority of Americans, now invisible, voted for this schiff…

‘Nope, Nothin’ Wrong Here’ in Detroit Vote Count

Worse than war: My night besieged by looters and thugs in NYC

Are you ready to be ruled by fear? Have you got a gag handy, in case you might say something that’ll bring Antifa to your doorstep?

Welcome to the Age of Biden!

Last night the Wayne County, Michigan, board of canvassers refused to certify the 2020 election. Why? Because it was full of funny numbers that just didn’t add up.

It didn’t take long for the Loving Left to flood the social media with threats against the two Republican board members. They put the fear in them. And then, behold, the live-stream video conked out! And when it got working again–why, look! The vote got turned around! They changed their minds! (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/11/17/wayne-county-reverses-decision-certifies-disputed-election-results-as-video-goes-dark/)

Yep–all the trolls on the social media had to do was drop the R-word, “Millions of people will know you’re racists!” ’cause any opposition to them at all is Racism–that’s all it took. Black Lives Matter thugs busting down your door. Welcome to the Age of Biden.

Are we ready for America to become a Third World basket case? Are we really to be fundamentally transformed into what we call a shit-hole country?

Pray the Lord will cut them down.

Disney Corp.: All Our Classic Stuff is Racist!

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Does this mean that Peter Pan Peanut Butter is racist, too?

Remember those self-criticism, self-denunciation sessions the Chicoms used to have, during The Great Cultural Revolution? Well, the Disney Corp. has caught up to them.

Disney has attached an “unskippable” disclaimer to some of its most popular, classic movies and cartoons–including Peter Pan, Dumbo, The Jungle Book, Aladdin, Lady and the Tramp, and The Swiss Family Robinson (https://www.businessinsider.com/disney-plus-racism-stereotypes-warning-peter-pan-dumbo-aladdin-2020-10). Bottom line: they’re all racist.

Peter Pan goes one step further: cultural appropriation.

The corporation is also apologizing for not having more “LGBTQ+ content” in classic movies intended for an audience of children.

If Walt Disney were alive today, each and every one of these self-censoring Far Left nitwits would be unemployed.

You can’t avoid an accusation of being a racist by saying nothing about a Cherished Minority–’cause then you’d be racistly ignoring them. No, no–you have to praise them. As extravagantly as possible. And anyone who thinks he can make any kind of movie without slipping into some kind of racism trap or other is just kidding himself. Because everything is racist!

And your guilt is how they mean to control you.

I Amb Geting Tired of Eeting play-Doh!

Kluna EATING colored CLAY PART 3!! (Play-Doh) Dinner #89 | ASMR eating  sounds no talk - YouTube

We has banned Food hear “at” Collidge becose Foood it is Racist! and so “we” ownly Eat Play-Doh!! but i amb geting tired “Of” it!!!! In facked, this moarning i was So hungary,, i eated a pare of jim sox wen No Boddy thay wher loooking, whith Peenut Butter!!!

Play-Doh it haves pritty Cullers but i dont feel so good eeting It “all” The time!!! and i amb Not The Ownly One neether!!!!! So we hadded a spacial lexture by a Prefesser to axplane It!!!

Eeting Play-Doh “it is All prat of Cryptickle Theery he” sayed and “if yiu whant Socile Jestus then yiu has got to has Cryptickle Theery tooo!!!”! And in ordure to make Cryptickle Theery whork to get Ridd “of” Sistemick Racism he axplaned “it haves tobe Ritten so that No One can Under-Stanned waht it Meens!!!” “So tharefour if yiu Doughnt under-stanned It,, that meens yiu Are “Doing It” rihght!!”” Well i doughnt under-stanned Nothing ennymoar so i must has a hole Lot of Cryptickle Theery gowing foar me!!!!!

I doughnt know Haow Mutch Lawngre we “can” al eet jist Play-Doh,, i amb feeeling kinda Run Daown laitly and reely it jist doughnt taist so goood!!!! i amb dighing for a bole Of Hankies!!!!! One Hater we cached himb eeting a Hot Dawg so we beet himb Up!! Yiu jist cant has Dyvercity unlest Evry Boddy thay are al Doing The saymb Thing al the Tyime!!

It ‘Is’ Oh. Kay to Eet Play Doh!!!

Making Real Food w/ Play-Doh Toys - YouTube

We gotted a weerd Letter yeasterday fromb somb Hater whoo asked W”hat Do yiu Collidge Nittwitz do for Fun??”?

Wel wee are Not heer to has “Fun!”” In facked we Bannned Fun!!! We “are” Trying “to” maik a Revvalusion heer!!! In facked we are Trying to Ban Evry-Thing!! It “is” “The” ownly whay to Stop Sistemick Racism!!!!!! Becose evry-thing It is Racist!! Waht kind “of” stoopid dop dont know That???

We runned into A promble wen we Banned foood! Evry Boddy thay got Hungary!!!! i dont know waht wood of hapened iff our Stoodint Soviet diddnt “deside” itd Be O.K. for us to Eet Play Doh!!!

Yiu wood think whith “all” themb Pritty Cullers that Play Doh it wood be verry Nise to Eet!!!! and aslo if yiu got Tallent yiu can shaip It “so” it Looks jist lyke Reel Foood!!! The gye in that thare pixture he Is “eeting” a Play Doh sanwitch “and” It looks so Taistey!!!! i wisht I hadded one Jist ly’ke It!!!!!!

Wel i whil Not Lye to yiu becose we has Banned Lying but we has aslo Banned Teling “the” Trooth so thats O.K. anywhay i whil Not tel yiu that Play Doh it Taists goood, axully it taists Kined “of” Ickky!!! i was sorprized!! and It “was” kwite Hard “to” Swaller tooo!!!!!!!!!

And jist nhow i dont Feel “so” goood so i Better stop Riting!!!!

Where Has This Story Disappeared To?

It's time to say goodbye to the NFL cheerleaders - The Boston Globe

Late last week I read a news story about some college requiring its students to “align” with Only Black Lives Matter–a blatant and outrageous violation of their First Amendment rights–and an anticipated lawsuit over it. At the time I wasn’t able to cover the story.

Now, less than a week later, all trace of it has vanished from the Internet, and no search yields anything but posts dedicated to cheerleading for the Marxist/racist group that has the whole freakin’ country buffaloed. No one dares criticize BLM! ‘Cause if you do, you’re a racist. Yeahbut, yeahbut! Critical Race Theory sez I’m a racist anyway, no matter what I do, whether I support ’em or not. So why bother?

Shut up, they explained.

Boy, are we an easy touch when it comes to giving up our liberties! As a nation we seem devoid of self-respect. We won’t stick up for ourselves. We sit there like potted plants while leftids abuse and dishonor our country.

One more Democrat government, and America is over.

‘Feminists: Pumpskin Spice Latte is Racist’ (2017)

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It magically turns you into a racist!

Remember this? Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte was “racist”. Because feminists said so.

Feminists: Pumpkin Spice Latte is Racist

Funny, though, isn’t it? Starbuck’s embraces every stupid Far Left “cause” that comes down the pike–and they still get nailed. You just can’t satisfy any of those people.

I think it’s because they really enjoy being offended and angry, and even the slightest excuse will do. And of course you can’t appease people who don’t want to be appeased.

Grammar is ‘Racist’?

8 Ways to Overcome Bad Teachers (and 7 Mistakes to Avoid) - 4Tests ...

Liberals don’t think minorities can learn real stuff.

Please! Stop sending kids to Rutgers! They won’t learn anything, and they’ll be “taught” a bunch of crap.

The latest: Standard English grammar is [trumpet fanfare] Racist, and so the Rutgers B.S. University English Dept. will no longer teach it or expect students to know it (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3868323/posts). Instead, they’ll burden the students with “more reading” about Social Justice, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.

Can you honestly not think of anything better to do with your money than pour it into Rutgers’ treasury–or any other looniversity’s, because they’ve all become ridiculous?

In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the monster Caliban says to his master, “You taught me language, and my profit on ‘t is, I know how to curse.” Betcha Caliban went to Rutgers.

What? Do they think “minority” students just aren’t smart enough to learn grammar? Hint: yes. They offer you special favors, sunshine, because they don’t respect you. And by accepting those special favors, you forfeit our respect, too. But then you wouldn’t do these things if you had any self-respect.

Wor ‘On” Witeniss!!!

Rodin,-The-Thinker - VMFA Press Room

If hes so Smart how come he got no clotheses on?

We hased a meating of the Stoodint Soviet and we “are” goingto Wor!!!!! Wor on Witeniss! We are goingto “maik” Rooles aginst all themb things “that” “are” part of beeing Wite!!!

So fromb nhow “on” heer at Collidge,, we are goingto Get Ridd “of” Rashinull Thawt and Harred Whork and Intacked Famblies watever thay “are!!!”! Becose themb are al prat of beeing Wite and that maikes “themb” Racist!!!!

It “is” goingto to-be Harred to brake freee of Rashinull Thawt but somb “of” us thay are all-reddy thare!!!!! We are goingto Re-Plaice it with Un-Rashinull Thawt and anny boddy whoo is still Rashinull thay wil get beet Up and then has to go for Sensertivy Traning!!!

We all-reddy gotted Rid Of harred whork wen we brawt in Nothing Studdies!!!

As as four Famblies, fromb nhow On yiu cant has a Fambly and iff yiu say yiu do that meens Yiu Are A Racist!!!

We are stil Trying “to” ficks Pressadint Obommba’s Statchoo that we axadently pullled Down “and” broak “the” hedd offf it!!!