Am I a Seer, or What? (Ask Mr. Potato Head!)

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Have I got insight? Back in 2016, five years ago, I wrote a sprightly little satire about Mr. Potato Head being banned by presidential executive order–for reinforcing Hate against “gay families” (a total oxymoron) and trannies.

And this year Hasbro, the company that sells the toy, announced it was dropping the “Mr.” so children could create Potato Head families with “two dads.” See “Canceling Mr. Potato Head,” March 2, 2021.

Exec Order Bans… Mr. Potato-Head

Actually, it’s not much fun being right about schiff like this. Even silly little toys can’t escape having abominations heaped on them, these days. Our popular culture is very much in the abomination business.

Although I do like to think that canceling Mr. Potato Head just might possibly maybe could wind up canceling the cancel culture itself.

Oxford U: No More Sheet Music! (It’s Racist)

The Oxford University Music Dept. is thinking about getting rid of sheet music… because it’s “too colonial” and tainted with “complicity in white supremacy” (

(Sorry, had to get that out of my system.)

Yes, the ability to read music is obviously a product of white supremacy and must be done away with. Like classical music itself. No more Mozart, no more Beethoven–only rap matters.

Ah, well, they’ve already turned most of our popular music into garbage; and someday the only way you’ll ever hear Beethoven’s 9th Symphony again is if some old man is whistling it while he shaves and he’s left the bathroom window open.

And you thought our American colleges were the only ones this full of crap!

Shaik-Speer He Was A Racist!!

Justice in King Lear – how to construct an answer… |

We was goingto Has a Dragg Queeen Stroy Hower to-day but insted we hased a Lexture aboat Shaik-Speer,, he was a Racist and the prefesser whoo Gived the Lexture she has to ware a Dunts Cap becose she usedto “teech” Shaik-Speer “and” nevver toled her Class that “he” “was” “a” Racist!!!!!

The lexture was awl aboat this heer Play he rote it was caled “King Leer” and evry boddy in it thay “All” dyed!!!!!!!!! He aslo rote a TV shoaw caled “The Nekkid Citty” it was aboat “a” hole citty ful Of Noodists!!! and she toled us abuot anether Play he rote caled “Dog My Cats” and she sayed “That thare Play it was so full of Bad-ness, “it maikes “King Leer look lyke a Tradegy!!!”!

Now iff Shaik-Speer he wasnt a Racist thenn the Play it wood of hadded Minorites in it insted of jist Wyte Peeple and King Leer he “wood of” bin a king of somb plaice in Mecksiko and he woodof bin “a” Queen insted of a King!!!!!! Wye dint the Govvermint in Inglind infestigait Shaik-Speer and senser al his Playes??? and the prefesser she sayed “i amb heer to Tell yiu” that “yiu shoodnt reed Oar whatch no Shaik-Speer Playes or TV shoze becose of wat A “Big” Racist he was”!!”” and anny boddy that “we ketch reeding” Shaik-Speer “thay whill be kicked Out “of” Collidge”!!””

I amb so mutch Smarter nhow becose i heered “that thare” Lexture!!!!!!!!!!

Teaching Children to Hate Themselves

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“We can’t let the school know we’re meeting like this, Number Five..”

This is one of those stories that makes you want to bang your head against the wall.

So here are parents in West Los Angeles, as rich as Croesus, spending $40,000 a year to, ahem, “educate” their children. And now they’re singin’ the blues because the commie cockroaches who run the school are teaching the kiddies that America is an evil bad country and all you kids are guilty, capitalism is bad and all you kids are guilty, and everything is racist and it’s all your fault… and for some reason, the kids are coming home depressed.

Really? Holy cow.

On top of all that, if the parents wish to discuss their misgivings, they have to meet secretly… because “they could face profound repercussions.”

Like what? “Stop talkin’ about us or we’ll kick your kid outta our school and he won’t be able to go to Yale.” Yeesh, say it ain’t so!

I can’t even imagine what $40,000 worth of “education” looks like–can you? (Yeahbut, yeahbut! You’ll get into a really great college and be a member of the elite!)

If you spend that kind of money to send your kids to that kind of school, you are not only a pathetic fool wanting in self-respect–no: you are sinning against your own children–and against your country, too, while you’re at it. Where do you think “Arm Iran!” freaks like John Kerry come from? They aren’t born. They’re made!

America is under attack from within, by the Far Left Crazy–and they do not intend for our country to survive. Please, people, get that through your heads! These are not fuzzy-minded, misguided but benign hippies trying to make a better world. If you want to see the kind of world they make, visit North Korea, China, or Cuba. Ask anyone who risked his life to get away.

Yo, West L.A. parents! Stop talkin’ and start doin’! Pull your children out of that school today. Don’t wait for tomorrow. You’re so afraid of these pipsqueak “educators”–stop it!

Take away your money, and they’ll just dry up and blow away.


Next on the Cancel Train: Pepe Le Pew

By Ken Levine: Pepe Le Pew

Oh, hell. I was going to save this for tomorrow; but maybe I wasn’t the only one who didn’t expect such a quick answer to “Who’s going to be the next target of Cancel Culture?”

It’s… Pepe Le Pew! (

*Sigh* Some schmendrick of a New York Times writer thinks the romantic silly skunk in the old Loony Tunes cartoons has been “normalizing rape culture”–actually, he acts kind of like Joe Biden–and he’s also Racist, somehow. “Racism must be exorcised from culture,” proclaims this NYT diddler.

The only fun liberals know how to have is spoiling other people’s fun.

Do you ever get the impression that they just want to cancel everything? Does anybody real actually want to live in their woke dystopia?

Let’s see how long this lasts.

SF Schools: Acronyms Are Racist!

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Do you ever get the impression that America from north to south, from east to west, is governed by idiots and lunatics?

The San Francisco–that’s that city where they poo on the sidewalk–Unified School District, having just decided to rename 44 of its schools Because Racism, is now proposing to get rid of acronyms… because acronyms are racist, too! (

These little flutters, by the way, will cost millions of dollars of public money. And the flippin’ schools aren’t even open! Because COVID.

And so, for instance, VAPA–“Visual and Performing Arts”–has been replaced by SFUSD Art Dept. Honk if you have noticed that “SFUSD” is an acronym, too.

What does this accomplish? Oh, please–what a question! Acronyms, we are told, are hard to understand for people who don’t speak English. That makes ’em racist.

Can we secede from San Francisco? In case whatever they have is catching.

‘Your Ticket to Ride’ (2017)

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Tired of having to earn your way to the top, and maybe never getting there?

DNA ‘R’ Us to the rescue!

Your Ticket to Ride

We will guarantee to find an Oppressed Minority somewhere in your family tree, or your money back! Does everybody hate you ’cause you’re white? That all comes to a dead stop when you flash ’em the papers that prove you’re a Parthian or something.

Don’t be held back by racism! Be boosted by it!

‘Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t’ (2018)

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Not that I’d be caught dead doing this…

Let’s see… If you’re a white person and you do yoga, that’s cultural appropriation and that makes you a Racist. But if you don’t do yoga, then you’re rejecting a Minority Culture and not being Multicultural… and that makes you a Racist.

Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t

I will never believe these vipers acquired power over my country without the most massive fraud in all of history.

Now, of course, we can’t cut off funding to the stupid colleges. We waited too long, and now the bad guys are in the driver’s seat.

Gear up for a long dark night of stupid.

‘Now It’s a Racist Robot’ (2017)

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Never having been alive in the first place is no defense against a charge of Racism.

Now It’s a Racist Robot

If robots can be racists, can toaster-ovens, hair dryers, waffle irons, or cinderblocks be far behind? And if inanimate objects can be guilty of Racism, what about sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or phobophobia?

And we are asked to believe that a majority of Americans, now invisible, voted for this schiff…

‘Nope, Nothin’ Wrong Here’ in Detroit Vote Count

Worse than war: My night besieged by looters and thugs in NYC

Are you ready to be ruled by fear? Have you got a gag handy, in case you might say something that’ll bring Antifa to your doorstep?

Welcome to the Age of Biden!

Last night the Wayne County, Michigan, board of canvassers refused to certify the 2020 election. Why? Because it was full of funny numbers that just didn’t add up.

It didn’t take long for the Loving Left to flood the social media with threats against the two Republican board members. They put the fear in them. And then, behold, the live-stream video conked out! And when it got working again–why, look! The vote got turned around! They changed their minds! (

Yep–all the trolls on the social media had to do was drop the R-word, “Millions of people will know you’re racists!” ’cause any opposition to them at all is Racism–that’s all it took. Black Lives Matter thugs busting down your door. Welcome to the Age of Biden.

Are we ready for America to become a Third World basket case? Are we really to be fundamentally transformed into what we call a shit-hole country?

Pray the Lord will cut them down.