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Now You’ve Gotta Be a Mind Reader…

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You can’t hide your secrets from the cards!

Man shoots another man. There’s a witness. Defendant’s fingerprints are all over the gun. So he’s tried and found guilty.

Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! That was only because of “implicit bias” and “implicit racism” on the part of the jury! So the Washington State Supreme Court has sent the case back to the trial court and called for an investigation of the jurors’ subconscious minds (https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/supreme-court-sends-murder-assault-case-back-to-trial-court-after-allegations-of-jury-bias/). Or something like that.

See, the defendant was black, and 11 members of the jury weren’t. The one black juror held out for “Not Guilty,” insisting that the defendant must’ve taken the gun from the murderer and that’s why his prints were all over it… only then she caved in and voted “Guilty” because all the other jurors subjected her to “derision.” Musta been because of their implicit systemic subconscious racism.

No one has suggested that perhaps the lone black juror had a bias in favor of the black defendant. Well, all right, I’m suggesting it. Shouldn’t we have a tarot reading for her, too? Or should all the jurors be questioned under hypnosis? Maybe use a ouija board. That subconscious stuff is notoriously difficult to winkle out.

If anyone publicly suggested that no black juror can fairly judge a case involving a black defendant, that person would be tarred and feathered in the nooze media and every Democrat presidential candidate would denounce him as a racist and cite him as proof that America is a no-good lousy racist hellhole, etc.

Say the same thing about white jurors and white defendants, and you’re a Social Justice Warrior. You are woke.

Well, maybe nobody can do anything fairly and honestly and that’s why we  need Open Borders and the Green New Deal.

NY Times Reveals Its Anti-Trump Mission

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Plan A, “Russian Collusion,” went totally belly-up, so Democrats have moved on to Plan B–“Call Everybody Racists Especially Trump.” But don’t take my word for it.

In a speech to New York Times employees, a speech that got leaked out when it wasn’t supposed to, executive editor Dan Baquet called for a “coverage shift” from Russian Collusion to Trump Racism (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/new-york-times-chief-outlines-coverage-shift-from-trump-russia-to-trump-racism). “We built our newsroom to cover one story (Collusion),” the editor prattled. “Now we have to regroup… to take on a different story”–and the “new story” will be “race.”

It’s so flamin’ obvious.

Nobody wants to be a “racist.” Ooh! But if you voted for President Donald Trump, or support him in any way… well, then you are a racist! Gee, that’s awful… What can I do?

Instant absolution is at hand! All you have to do is vote for Democrats, and you are instantaneously cleansed of the sin of racism. Who knew it could be so easy?

It’s beginning to sound like some of that stuff that Martin Luther had to deal with. Indulgences for sale. Price, one vote.

These people make me ashamed I ever was a journalist.

How To solv Our Problumbs!!

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We had a spacial lexture Today “in” Nothing Studies and boy was “it” Grate!!! our Prefesser she maid “This” Grate Thing abote how to “Tern” thiss hear no-good stinkin “contry” arownd!!!!!

And “its'” “so” simpal!!!!! Al we has “to” “do” is throe al Wite perdsons whoo Are “not” in collidge in Jale and locck “themb” up fourevver!!!!! becose Sub Contiously thay “are” all Sub Contious Wite Stuprembacysts!!!!! and it “is” “so” eeazy to tell whoo Thay are becose thay awlyays Voat for repulbickins and thay sapport Donold Trumpt he Is A Knotsy!!!! Jist Like Hittler!!!

The prefesser she toled Us thare are like 60 millyin or was it billyin, well wattever thay voated for Trumpt so thay Are “alll” Wite stuprembacysts and all of themb thay beelong In Prizzen!!!!

And aslo wee has got to let Out “of” Jale evry Boddy whoo “is” in thare Awlreddy,, let themb All Out!!! becose thay was ownly In thare becose Of Raceism!!!!!!!!!! So let themb Out “and” givve themb Lots Of Dollers witch we can taik from Wite Raceist thay woont knead it ware thay’re Going!!!!

Then we can has Socile Jutstus!!!!!

Booker: Ban Trump Rallies

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He’s Spartacus.

Is it really possible you can be elected president just by screaming “Racism!” a thousand times a day?

Well, Russian Collusion fell flat on its face, so Democrats have moved on to Plan B–Everything is Racist.

One of 25 idiots seeking the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination, Corey “I’m Spartacus” Booker–who last week was bragging about his manly urge to physically assault the president–now wants President Donald Trump to cancel his rallies–because, of course, people who aren’t liberals getting together to cheer their candidate are “a breeding ground for racism and bigotry that inspire attacks like the one in El Paso” (https://www.nj.com/politics/2019/08/trump-rallies-a-breeding-ground-for-racism-and-bigotry-booker-campaign-says.html).

Whew! We’re not only Racists, for failing to vote Democrat. We’re also to blame for some nut popping his cork and embarking on a murder spree.

I wonder how many people would come to a Corey Booker rally.

[Note: This was some of the nooze I just couldn’t bring myself to report yesterday. I can hardly wait for it to be Tanystropheus time again.]

‘Venomous Liberals’ (2014)

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Incredibly, libs have gotten even more obnoxious since I wrote this, five years ago.


Now that they’ve realized that have nothing to offer but accusations of racism–if you’re them, you’re good; if you’re not them, you’re an evil racist–their political discourse has degenerated into mere noise. But it’s very annoying noise.

Funny, isn’t it? The most consumed-by-hatred people on the planet accusing everybody else of “hate.”

But I’ll tell you what isn’t funny. Liberals in power.

Please, voters, don’t ever let that happen. Never again.

So You’re a Racist…

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The mask is off the Democrats, all right. Dig this quote from former Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart.

“Anyone who supports a racist or a racist strategy is a racist themselves. 2020 is a moment of reckoning for America. Vote for @realDonaldTrump and you are a racist.” (https://townhall.com/columnists/derekhunter/2019/08/04/democrats-offer-salvationwith-strings-attached-n2551138)

The good news is, you can cleanse yourself of the sin of racism by voting for some freak of a Democrat. That will instantaneously make you not a racist.

I don’t think the word “racist” means much anymore.

It’s just a particular noise made by liberals who have nothing else to offer.

P.S.–They hate you. And they hate your country.

‘Let’s Nag Each Other About Racism’ (2015)

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“I really am the fairest one of all! Not a racist bone in my body!”

Stupid liberals. They’re so un-self-aware, they don’t even know they’ve cornered the market on racism.


In 2015 the lib who owns Starbuck’s Overpriced Coffee wanted his employees to bug customers about “racism.” Libs just can’t get enough of it. This caper drowned in a sea of mockery.

Four years later, they’re more obsessed with race than ever–and even farther from achieving self-awareness.

They’re the biggest racists on the block… But of course ignorance is bliss.

No Moar triger Naimes Aloud!!!

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Last Nihght the Stodent Soviet we maid a wreckamendacion to the Collidge Oficiles that No moar “triger naimes” thay shoodnt be aloud “no” moar!!! and Evry Boddy whoo is naimed affter a Racist thay has “got to” chainge thare naimes Or Else!!!!!

See that gye “in” The pixture?? That is Roberty Lee he “was” a Confrederitt and like he was BAD, reel bad and Eevel, did yiu “know” he usedto Eat his Slaives??? He auhght to bee In Jale!! So fromb “now” on we wreckamend that evry Boddy thare naime “is” Lee thay got to chainge it becose “Lee” “it is” a Triger Naime and it wil triger us and aslo maike us al feeel Un-Safe,, so thay got to chainge it to somthing Else or thay wil get Expelt!!! I dont “know” noboddy naimed “Roberty” thuohgh so i gess “Robert” is alrihght!!

Donold Trumpt he “is” a Racist tooo so noboddy thay cant “be” naimed “Donold” becose that is “a” Triger Naime!!

Thare is “one” gye he shoes up for Nothing Studdies somTime and his naime “it is” Libberatchy and he sayed “Libberatchy he was “not” A Racist” so he woont chainge;, well we beeted him up affter class and Later we figgured out none of us “We” “nevver” herd of noboddy naimed Libberatchy but If “he” “Was” “whyte” that wood maike him A Racist annyhow so fromb “now On” his name it Got to be diffrint.

Meenwyle “we” “are” thinkin of DoingAway whith naimes becose al Naimes thay are nott Incloosift and yiu caint has no reel Divercity  unlest Evry Boddy thay “has” al got al The “saime” Naime!!!

But frist “we has” got to stopp All that Trigerring!!!!

Wye I dont Brusch my teeeth No Moar!!!

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The grate Thing abuot Collidge “is” we lern stuff we nevver knowed befour!!

Frinstints, yeasterday i lernt that Brusching yore Teeeth it is Racist!!! Evry Wyte Parson who brusches his Teeeth he “is” “a” Racist!! and aslo “it” is No Good for Peple Of Culler to brusch thare Teeeth ether becose “that” it Is Acting Wyte!!!

Yiu wood be supprized at “all themb” Things thatt turns Out “to Be” Racist!! i amb so Gladd i swiched my Majer to Nothing Studdies becose now i amb lerning all kinda things Thay “are” Racist and yiu woodnt nevver know “It” iff yiu didnt Goto Collidge!!!

Hear are “some Moar” Things that “are” aslo Racist that yiu probly didnt Know abote:;- Sun Screeen, shooe laces,, maiking yore Bed ((evin thuohgh i nevver do that anyhow), Drinking Millk, whaching cat viddios {i dont do that neether!! i alreddy knowed that it is Racist],, Bying Stuff at the Stoar, and aslo that orinj stuff “thay calll” it Tang or som Thing!! i amb so Greatfull to Nothing Studdies becose thay teached me that!!!

I cant hardly Whaite untill i Gradurate and then get a Mastres Deeegree and than a PhuD and than I can “be” “a” Prefesser of Nothing Studdies!!!

Hit British Cop Show: ‘Hate Squad!’

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Follow the adventures of Chief Superintendent Wally Bilge as he tries to bring Station House 404 to the cutting edge of contemporary law enforcement!

In the pilot episode, Murder, Schmurder!, Bilge has to pry his detectives away from another stupid murder investigation so they can investigate a 9-year-old boy who called another boy “gay” on the school playground. Meanwhile, four uniformed officers investigate a day care center where, allegedly, a 2-year-old balked at eating spicy foreign food with live crickets in it, thereby raising suspicions that the child might be a racist! And he has to twist veteran Chief Inspector Chumley’s arm to get him to hunt down a man who put a decal of an English flag on his car–“You’ll find the nasty little oyk hates immigrants!” predicts the superintendent.

Hate Squad! specializes in stories “torn from the headlines.” As Chief Wally Bilge so often says, “We can’t prevent murders, robberies, or terrorist incidents. We can’t even bloody solve most of ’em. But one thing we can do is go full-throttle after hate! No one should ever be allowed to say, publish, or think anything–and I do mean anything!–that’s any less than 100% affirming and welcoming.”

I can hardly wait to see Episode 2, We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Jail.

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