Uh-Oh! More Racism!

Daddy Long Legs 411 - The Infinite Spider

If spiders had to pay for airline tickets, Daddy Long Legs would get soaked.

Wow! Here’s yet another thing you never knew was Racist!

President SloJo sez that airlines charging extra fees for extra legroom are being unfair to [trumpet fanfare] People Of Color (POCs) and other “marginalized Americans” (https://viewfromthewing.com/president-biden-charging-for-extra-legroom-seats-after-ticket-purchase-is-racist/). Betcha never knew that!

Wait a minute… Are these the same “Marginalized Americans” whom the nooze networks put on center stage every single day, and for whom our politicians scramble all over each other to please and appease?

Confound it, though! Everywhere you look, everything is racist. And we have always known that long-legged marginalized Americans of Color (LLMAOC’s) are the most marginalized and discriminated-against of all. Except for maybe long-legged marginalized transgendered Americans of Color with male pattern baldness (LLNTAOCWMPB’s). They’re really up against it.

Well, the government can at least punish the airlines.

‘Tanystropheus’ Nickname is Racist

See the source image

Well, why not? Everything else is racist. So why not long-extinct reptiles with preposterously long necks?

‘Tanystropheus’ Nickname is Racist

Some of you have wondered, “Is Hormad High School” a real place? Well, hormads were artificial humans created by a mad scientist in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Synthetic Men of Mars. Here in Reality, our self-anointed elites would like nothing better than to replace us all with artificial people, or maybe just robots, that will obey them and never make waves. In that sense, “hormads” are already with us. We just call them Democrats for laughs.

MSNBC: Bad Driving? Caused by ‘Racism’!

Nine Ways To Avoid Car Accidents | EHS Today

Racism strikes again!

Why do we despise and mistrust our nooze media? Consider this clanger from MSNBC.

Increased traffic deaths are caused by… you guessed it: racism! (https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/brad-wilmouth/2022/08/30/msnbc-tries-link-surge-car-crash-deaths-racism)

Couldn’t possibly be increasingly bad driving, could it?

The proof of this absurd claim, says some dindle on MSNBC, is that two more blacks die in traffic accidents, per 100,000, than whites. Eight blacks, a little more than six whites. He wails, “How can we help to fight this?” Another big job for Big Government!

Gee–is there any problem, anywhere, that is not caused by “racism”?

We know they’d like to take our cars away: Save The Planet, blah-blah. Noozies would get to keep their cars, them and politicians, union members, and the like. Nice big limos for them. Ride the bus with the chickens for you.

Walter Williams once suggested, facetiously, setting the speed limit at 5 mph. That’d do it, big-time. We are beginning to wonder if noozies took that seriously. (We miss you, Dr. Williams!) You can’t make jokes to these people: libs have no sense of humor.

But I’ll tell you one thing that’s not a joke, and isn’t funny–allowing leftids to be in charge of anything.


Dogs’ Names Are… ‘Racist’?

Dog with question mark Stock Photo by ©alphaspirit 142306850

We got anether Crysis “on” our hannds!!!!

Thare’s a payper “out” nhow that says Dog “whith” Wite Naimes thay get adapted moar “than” Dogs whith Black Naimes witch jist gose “To” shoew yiu that Dogs and peple that adapt Dogs thay “Are” awl Racist!!!!!!

And then sum Hater he sayed “O comb “on!”! how menny Dogs are Naimed Wokeesha or Jummal”?”?” “and oncet yiu Adapt A Dog,, caint yiu Naime it any Naime yiu whant?”?”?” So sicks of us we beet himb Up!!!

Well, it dint taik The Stoodint Soviet enny tyimb At Awl to “swing” Into Axion!!!! We quick drewed up New Rools “foar” Adapting Dogs!! 1(one!)@: Awl Dogs thay nhow has to has Black Naimes!!! 2(too!)#: Awl peeple who Adapt Dogs thay nhow has to has Black Naimes tooo!!!!

It doughnt Mater “that” i doughnt Know ennboddy whoo Has “a” Dog!!! Thare is a gye in the dorm,, he “has” a Pet Cockaroatch naimed Pdgaa oar sumb Thing lyke That butt i doughnt Know weather thats a Wite Naime or a Black Naime or sumpthing Ellse!!!!” Prefester Joanes he hadded a Dog “but” it runned aweiaygh!! (Sumbuddy sayed it “was Not” a Dog but “a” Ant-Eeater!) Well iff ennyboddy Ellse thay has a Dog thay beter Chainge it to a Black Naime or we whil Putt themb “In” Sensertivitry Traning!!!!

CNN: Economic Forecasts Are Racist

(Overqualified for jobs with CNN)

What? CNN is still here? I thought they’d been voted off the island.

But they’re still babblin’ Far Left Crazy talking points–like, for instance, “Who gets to define whether we’re in a recession? Eight white economists you’ve never heard of!” (https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/business/joseph-vazquez/2022/07/06/insane-cnn-argued-recession-proclamations-are)

Can you follow this logic? Economic forecasts are made by “white guys,” and are therefore both unreliable… and “racist.” Because to the polyps on CNN everything is racist. Economists have not defined us as being in a recession yet “because [they are] not racially diverse.”

Obviously what we need are some economists who are black lesbians from Cambodia who are here illegally and have just had abortions. That’ll make the forecasts more “diverse.”

Heck, I feel more diverse already!

‘Stupid Authorities Crash Down on 9-Year-Old for Calling Brownies “Brownies”‘ (2016)

Plate of Brownies Picture | Free Photograph | Photos Public Domain

What’re we supposed to call ’em anymore?

What do you need, to prove that your country is convulsed with racism and needs strict supervision?

Well, a lot of “racial incidents,” of course.

And how do you get them?

Why, you make them up! Like so:

Stupid Authorities Crash Down on 9-Year-Old for Calling Brownies ‘Brownies’

So a little kid calls a brownie a brownie and here come the cops and voila, we’ve got another lovely racial incident! And we need our rights suspended. Or a global government.

Oh, God, deliver us out of their hands!

‘Seattle Councilman: Washing Poo Off Sidewalk Is “Racist”‘ (2017)

Worker Hose Washes Sidewalk Stock Photo by ©alkhanz 318651906

Cleanliness is racist! Ask any wacko…

This is another one of those nooze stories that never got followed up, so we don’t know whether that courthouse in Seattle wound up surrounded by a wall of poop.

Seattle Councilman: Washing Poo off Sidewalk is ‘Racist’

Does anybody doubt our civilization is broken? And we can’t fix it? Does anybody doubt it’s time for God to say “This stops now”–and put a stop to it?Really–what could be more symbolic of the whole Far Left Crazy than a public sidewalk befouled with human feces?

Shaddoes ‘Thay’ Are Racist!!!!

What are shadow accounting systems, and should you have one?

This moaning I hadded to “go to” Chareman Mousey Dung Hall to get my Privlidge czecked “and” i runned Into this hear Gye he was Reely Skared!!!!! and he hadded a Ragg and was “try-ing” to wype his Shaddoe off “The” wall!!!!!

He eggsplaned it to me,, “I am “try-ing” to Get ridd Of my Shaddoe and i jist Cant wype it Aweigh”!”!” He jist kepp wyping and wyping And wyping but he coodnt maik “it” Go Aweiy!!!

Natchruly I assked himb wye “he” “was” dooing that and he sayed it’s “becose my Shaddoe it is Racist!!!! I lernt that in a lexture!!! Awl Shaddoes thay “are” racist”!!””

Whell nhow haow cood “that” bee?? I meen, lyke, evry boddy’s Shaddoe thay “Are” awl Black,, rite????? “Yiu must of herd It rong” I sayed,, “yore shaddoe It Is Black and black, it cant be Racist!!!!” Butt he sayed “Shaddoes thay “are” ownly Pre-tenting to be Black!!! It is A “Trick!” So’s we cant Sea themb wen its Darrk!! Thats wen thay go owt and Do thare Racist stuph!!”

I nevver thinked of that befour!!!! And thare was My Shaddoe standin rite neckst To his!!!! And nhow that I thinked of it,, i nevver did sea My Shaddoe wen it was nyte tyme!!”! So of coarse I assked himb, “Has yiu got anether Ragg?? We got to wype ouwt my Shaddoe tooo!””!!

We tryed and tryed butt “we Jist” coodnt doo it!!!!!!!!!!

Shaddoes thay Are Prooof that awl wyte peeple thay are Racists!!!!!!

‘Your School Tax Dollars at Work: P&J Sandwiches Are “Racist”‘ (2017)

In addition to being one of the stupidest things I ever heard of, this item shows that “educators” have had years to turn our schools into idiocy factories.

See the source image

So the principal at Harvey Scott K-8 School in the riot-happy city of Portland, Oregon, declared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches “racist.” How so? Shut up, you racist hater biggit! Something to do with “white privilege.”

Your School Tax Dollars at Work: P&J Sandwiches Are ‘Racist’

Our public “education” system is killing our country. Keep it up, and the next century won’t find us here–maybe a name on the map, but nothing more.

‘Now They Don’t Want You Watching Football’ (2017)

Image result for images of college football

Why do liberals insist on living here? They don’t like America. They don’t like us, our culture, our religious beliefs, you name it, they detest it.

See if you can finish the sentence: Liberals who hate America continue to live here because __________.

Among the things they hate is football; and you’re a racist.

Now They Don’t Want You Watching Football

I used to like football. I loathe it now; but not being a liberal philosophy professor, I don’t see that as giving me an entitlement to take football away from everybody else.

Mystery of the ages: what makes these people so top-to-bottom awful?