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‘White Supremacist Manifesto’… ‘Probably a Hoax’

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Eeeek! White Supremacists! They’ve got a manifesto and everything!

Let’s see if we understand this… It’s not racist when the looniversity holds “workshops” and seminars about how awful white people are and how everything’s their fault… But it is racist for any other identity group to get any kind of criticism. Got it?

Authorities at Syracuse Looniversity have concluded that a “white supremacist manifesto” sent to students’ cellphones while they were at a campus library, recently, was “probably a hoax” (https://abc7ny.com/syracuse-u-report-of-supremacist-manifesto-was-likely-hoax/5708816/).

Gee, ya think?

“White supremacists” are largely imaginary, like Bigfoot, but leftids are always squawking about what an existential threat they pose to pretty much everything. Far Left moronic colleges and public schools have devoted a great deal of effort to “teaching” students that White People–especially heterosexual white males (booooo! hisssss!)–are to blame for everything that’s wrong, anywhere. So of course the “manifesto” scared the students out of their foot-jammies and sparked them to demand “a new curriculum on diversity.” “Diversity” is when everyone thinks and says exactly the same things that everybody else thinks and says.

We are told there have been incidents of “racist vandalism and graffiti” recently on the Syracuse campus. These so often turn out to be hoaxes perpetrated by the “victim” that it would seem extraordinary for one to be genuine.

But again, let’s see… Hmmm… The looniversity labors night and day to teach people that they are “real” only insofar as they belong to this or that identity group, and that Evil White Men are out to get them and everyone’s a racist unless they can prove they’re Far Left caucasian-baiters, etc., etc.–and they’re surprised they’ve created an atmosphere of total racial paranoia?

Besides which, only total nut-cases ever have a “manifesto.”images of

‘The Agony of Reading Books by the Wrong Color People’ (2015)

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What’s the most important thing about a book? The content? Uh-uh. Whatever moral lessons it might teach? Nope.

The single most important thing about any book, according to the sages at our glorious looniversities, is the skin color of the author. That consideration renders all others insignificant.


I rather think that if I ever said something like, “Oh, no, I can’t read that book–it’s written by a black person,” most people would think there was something wrong with me. But if you balk at reading anything written by a white person–well, your college is very anxious for you to continue paying tuition, so anything goes.

Educating ourselves right out of business…

They Call It ‘Education’

Here’s Tucker Carlson exposing the latest mischief that its perpetrators are calling “education.” It’s “Deep Equity Education,” a teacher training curriculum aimed at convincing undefended children that everything about America is “racist” and it’s all white people’s fault–the usual “social justice” claptrap, with the usual baggage of pseudo-language and lying.

Hey, people–when are you gonna wake up? You pay for these horrible “schools,” but you don’t have any say at all in who teaches there, or what gets taught. All you do is pay and pay and pay! To this day, no one has dared calculate how much you pay, each year, for the total cost of, um, “public education.”

And what do you get for your money? You get Far Left white liberal wackos teaching your children that everything is racist, if they’re white it’s all their fault and they must spend the rest of their lives punishing themselves, and if they’re black or hispanic, well, they’re inept and incompetent victims who need empowered leftists to run their lives for them and give them free stuff.

The idea is to tear down the country so they can build God knows what on its ruins.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

Kill public education. It’ll be worth it.

P.S.–Deep Equity urges teachers to “explicitly reject and resist” any complaint by parents. You’re paying for that, suckers.

‘Racist’ Jack-o’-Lanterns?

Bed, Bath & Beyond in Nyack, NY, got into major hot water with the Whining Minorities this week when it had on sale black-painted pumpkins for use as Halloween decorations. The national chain didn’t want to “offend” or “exclude” anyone–in this case, does that word “exclude” actually have any meaning, or is it just noise?–so they pulled the black jack-o’-lanterns from all their shelves, after receiving “many” complaints.

Meanwhile Justin Trudeau, who really does do blackface, has been narrowly re-elected premier (or whatever) of Canada. Maybe they should’ve been whining about him instead of the pumpkins.

But today everything and anything is Racist and everybody has to jump whenever any member of any Cherished Minority Group so much as snivels. Some people are just never happy unless they can feel offended.

Do you ever find yourself wondering what, if anything, these professional bellyachers have to offer? Just askin’.

*Sigh* Now It’s ‘Social Justice Math’

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We, the undefended taxpayers of America, lay out a fortune every year to fund our public schools (if you even want to call them schools). We pay for them, but we have no say in who teaches and who doesn’t, and no say in what’s taught. How did we ever get roped into a sucker deal like that?

Now the unionized left-wing “teachers” in Seattle’s public schools propose to bring in “social justice math,” based on their lunatic perception of “how technology and/or science have been and continues to be [Is there an English teacher in the house?] used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color” (https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/10/seattle-public-schools-proposal-teach-social-justice-in-math-class/). It would be more respectful, and just as useful, to rake our money into a pile and burn it.

So getting the right answer to a math problem is Racist or Hateful or whatever–and we pay for these absurd “lessons” that will only serve to make kids stupid and encourage them to be brain-dead little leftids who never run out of things to whine about.

When do we get some pushback?

We pay for these schools. We ought to own them.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 24 (‘Does Our Ruling Class Despise Us?’)

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“You’re under arrest, you hater, you!”

Last year’s hearings on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination told us exactly what to expect if Democrats ever get back into power.

This has already begun to happen in England.

Does Our Ruling Class Despise Us?

Yeah, I know you’re not supposed to say “England” anymore, it’s supposed to be “the United Kingdom,” saying “England” is bad–holy moley, here come the cops! Guess I should’ve said “United Kingdom” after all.


‘Trump Made Us Obese’

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It seems that sometime after Election Day 2016, a lot of adult black women mysteriously became obese. Now, thanks to a professor of gender studies at Rutgers Looniversity, we know what made that happen.

Donald Trump! His evil Racist policies made all those women fat (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-policies-racism-may-cause-some-black-womens-weight-problems-professor-says).

The fact that many of them were overweight years before anyone even thought of Trump as a political figure can be explained by a form of unconscious clairvoyance. Subconsciously anticipating that Donald Trump would become president, years and years ahead, their bodies began to adapt to the inevitable “racial stress for people of color” by packing on the pounds.

I went to that stupid university. Wait’ll the next time Rutgers phones to ask for an alumni contribution from me.

It would be unkind to quote directly from this, er, professor’s babblings, or to give her name. Suffice it to say that it is unconscionable for the taxpayers of New Jersey to have to pay this whining gasbag’s salary.

“Higher education”–it’ll kill us if we don’t defund it.

Down Whith Columbo day!!!

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We has just hadded a Reely Impotant meting of The stodent soviet “tooday” and we jist “voated” to Abbolitsh Columbo Day!!!

How discussting! to has a socaled Holladay for some “guy” come over in “a” Shipp and abstruck al “the” Indingentous Peple in Amarica and that racist Columbo watt kined “of” Heero whas he??? Jist loook “at” himb,, he “was” Seesick the hole tyme “he” was On the Bote!!!!! and al this racist biggit stuph abuot he discupboard America watt a joak!!! becose evry Boddy “thay” knows it was Wimmin of Choler thay discupboard Ameriica!!! and thay done “it” a hunerd 1,00 yeeres befour stopid old Columbo!!

We lernt at our Meting that Columbo come to Amerrica it “was the” Gratist Kallamatty evver and i sayed at the meting itt “was” Donold Trumpt’s fawlt watt hapened and the hole Stodent Soviet thay “jumpeded” up and Cheered,, and like that it nevver hapened To “me” befour and it maid “me” fiel jist lyke Pressadint Obammba!!!! In facked it maid me “think” mayby i auhght to go Into Pollaticks i bett i cood get Elecktid to Congrist jist like Alexandra Ocasional Corset!!!!!

Any whay thare isnt gointo Be no stinkin Columbo day hear at our Collidge “or” no Othher kined of racist biggit Day neether!!!!!!

i bett I cood get “a” Lot of peple to Voat for me!!

‘Little Kiddies’ “Racism” Up 33% in Britain, Government Says’

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Do we really hate our children so much as to sentence them to school?

It’s been three years since the people of Britain voted for Brexit, and they still don’t have a Brexit.

They didn’t get the chance to vote on whether they wanted their public “schools” to be used as people-crushing factories, but they still have that.  So… what you vote for, you don’t get; what you don’t vote for, you get–is that how it works?


Government, police, and “educators” have teamed up to search out and destroy young children who perpetuate such Racist hate crimes as asking another child if he came from Africa. Society must be protected from this! We can scare people into loving each other! We hate hate! Blah-blah…

This is what serving false gods looks like.

Now You’ve Gotta Be a Mind Reader…

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You can’t hide your secrets from the cards!

Man shoots another man. There’s a witness. Defendant’s fingerprints are all over the gun. So he’s tried and found guilty.

Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! That was only because of “implicit bias” and “implicit racism” on the part of the jury! So the Washington State Supreme Court has sent the case back to the trial court and called for an investigation of the jurors’ subconscious minds (https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/supreme-court-sends-murder-assault-case-back-to-trial-court-after-allegations-of-jury-bias/). Or something like that.

See, the defendant was black, and 11 members of the jury weren’t. The one black juror held out for “Not Guilty,” insisting that the defendant must’ve taken the gun from the murderer and that’s why his prints were all over it… only then she caved in and voted “Guilty” because all the other jurors subjected her to “derision.” Musta been because of their implicit systemic subconscious racism.

No one has suggested that perhaps the lone black juror had a bias in favor of the black defendant. Well, all right, I’m suggesting it. Shouldn’t we have a tarot reading for her, too? Or should all the jurors be questioned under hypnosis? Maybe use a ouija board. That subconscious stuff is notoriously difficult to winkle out.

If anyone publicly suggested that no black juror can fairly judge a case involving a black defendant, that person would be tarred and feathered in the nooze media and every Democrat presidential candidate would denounce him as a racist and cite him as proof that America is a no-good lousy racist hellhole, etc.

Say the same thing about white jurors and white defendants, and you’re a Social Justice Warrior. You are woke.

Well, maybe nobody can do anything fairly and honestly and that’s why we  need Open Borders and the Green New Deal.

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