Sanity Medicine: Johnny the Octopus

Hi, Mr. Nature here.

I don’t know how many of you have ever had a pet octopus. I never did, although I’ve heard they’re very popular in certain quarters.

Anyway, the interesting thing about an octopus is how smart it is. The one in this video was hauled out of the water by Alaskan shrimp fishermen. It had gotten into their shrimp trap through a three-inch hole and proceeded to eat the shrimp. Then it unscrewed the lid from the jar containing shrimp bait and ate that, too.

Really–how can an octopus figure out what a jar is and how to open it? It’s not like they get a lot of practice. If you had never before seen or heard of a screw-top jar, how long would it take you to discover how to open it?

The fishermen in this video allowed the octopus to escape back into the sea. They could have eaten him. They could also have named him Johnny and made a pet of him.

What would you have done?

6 comments on “Sanity Medicine: Johnny the Octopus

  1. How cool is that?! I’ve heard they’re really smart creatures. This reminds me of the one that escaped the seaquarium a few weeks ago by wiggling through a space in his tank and managing to find a drain leading back to the sea. Fantastic!

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    2. Hopefully, it will help some readers resolve the issue. I’m not great with computer lingo either 😉

  3. Under the circumstances I would have let him go. How wonderful to be saved and know all things live, move, and have their being in God. The spiritually dead think evolution brought everything into being by chance. To them creation is but a big impersonal machine. Isn’t thinking like the lost to be already experiencing hell?

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