By Request, ‘Living for Jesus’

Thank you, Linda, for requesting this 100-year-old classic, Living for Jesus, here sung by the Cedar Grove College of Education Choir… in South Africa. Yes, the Gospel gets around.

4 comments on “By Request, ‘Living for Jesus’

  1. Thank you, Lee. Perfect way to begin a day, and this choir certainly does this hymn justice. Beautiful!

  2. Your articles are now appearing on NWV news-letters, but Google has blocked you and others with a Malware warning, the stigma of driving readers away, but I disregarded it as my Apple would have blocked me from opening it. NewsWithViews has been fighting this now since last month and it is the Radical-Political- Left in high positions that is trying to silencing authors of conservative articles. You along with many of my favorite columnist have been black-balled to the public forum. It is not only a breach of our constitution, but a penalty of breaking the law, but no one in forces it today. It appears now that the godly conservatives will have to build their own Internet service, if this can be done; as this one has gone down the drain as a loss to generations to came. The dark horse has arrived with red eyes and flaming sword against righteousness and the godly.

    1. Why would they suppress NWV, though, and not Free Republic or Townhall or Godfather Politics or any other conservative website that I know of?

      Then again, one can hardly deny that *somebody* has imposed this problem on NWV.

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