5,000 Hits in a Month?

The famous “surgeon’s photograph” of the Loch Ness monster: posted here solely for your enjoyment.

No, not this month. Ran out of gas today, and won’t quite reach 4,800–although that does set a new monthly high for this blog.

Six months ago I would’ve thought 4,000 hits a month just about impossible. So the next plateau is 5,000, and I’ve come close.

This blog is just about the only advertising I’ve got for my books.

Please, if you haven’t heard about my books, take a moment to click “Books” at the top of the page and have a look. No harm in looking!

2 comments on “5,000 Hits in a Month?

  1. The books look quite interesting. I have to admit I haven’t bought one yet.
    It is not for lack of interest, it is lack of money. You would not believe how little I have to live on each month. A couple of husbands who had to have cancer treatment wiped out most of my assets, and I have less in a month than I used to have in a week. Learning a new lesson.
    I forward a lot of your messages, hoping some of my wealthier friends will consider your books.
    Blessings for a bigger month in May

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