‘Make America Mexico Again’?


Uh.. simple question: If Mexico is so good, why are all these Mexicans here instead of there? Like, dudes, you’ve already got a Mexico. Why do you need another? And if conditions there are so bad that you have to run to another country, what is the point of trying to make that other country just like Mexico?

But this is what happens when you let wicked Godless morons rule a country.

9 comments on “‘Make America Mexico Again’?

  1. A question I have asked myself again and again. See areas of our country which are heavily occupied by Mexico, and it is Mexico. I shake my head.

  2. Read Devvy Kidd’s column in today’s News With Views. We paid 15 million dollars to Mexico to end the Mexican/American war in 1848. This bought California and New Mexico and parts of other states.

  3. It seems as though in most cases all cultures who immigrate to this country from many parts of the world, including south of the border and the middle east, want to change the culture they came here for into the one they’ve just escaped. Makes absolutely no sense to me, unless you view it with end time prophecy eyes – the return of Nimrod’s one world government. Godless.

  4. This past week’s insanity over separating children from parents at the southern border has proven you cannot reason with a Progressive. They do not believe “facts don’t care about how you feeling” because they believe emotions are the facts (even when they are based on untruths). God deliver us from irrationality.

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