Video Treat: Imaginative Dogs

We have here some dogs who let their imaginations run away with them. This is how dogs make their own fun, and it takes a certain amount of intelligence to do that. You can’t have imagination without intelligence. Well, some intelligence, at least: not necessarily enough to meet your needs.

But you can’t deny it–dogs know how to have fun.

4 comments on “Video Treat: Imaginative Dogs

  1. Quite entertaining. Especially like the little long haired red Dachsie. We had one just like it, and he was cute, too.

  2. Dogs can be very entertaining – and smart! One of our dogs, a wolf/Australian Shepherd mix used to play basketball with my husband. There were 5 balls and he would kick them, counting each one out loud as he did so. When they came inside, occasionally he would tell her that the ‘bad possum’ took her ball. She would jump to her feet, run out into the backyard and put her nose on each ball as if to count them, making sure there were 5 and that the ‘bad possum’ hadn’t stolen one.

    1. Yes, some animals can count. I had a mouse who had nine babies. To make sure she fed each one and didn’t skip any, she divided them into three piles of three each.

      I think it was a mouse that invented the slide rule. (Remember those?)

    2. Oh my goodness – how sweet! And yes, I sure do remember those. Are we showing our ages? 🙂

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