About Those Hymns

Some of you express misgivings about requesting modern, non-traditional “Christian music” instead of official and bona fide hymns that are found in hymnals.

I don’t think we want to get carried away with this. The point of the exercise is to praise and honor God, to confess Jesus Christ before a world imperiled. I know there’s a denomination that won’t sing anything but the Psalms that are actually in the Bible; but I don’t see why God would give us the ability to create music, and then be mad at us if we use it in his service, and to give Him glory.

So, yes, you can request contemporary “Christian music,” and I’ll post it. I have yet turn down a request. Personally, I much prefer old-fashioned hymns; but Lee’s Hymn Shop is not about Lee’s personal preferences in worship music. So just pretend I’m a robot who automatically carries out your wishes.

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  1. Very well, I will send in requests more often. 🙂 How about “I Am” by Mark Schultz? An older song in the world of CCM, but still a favorite.

  2. OK, I understand well music preferences. In the church I now attend, about twice a month, the youth pastor chooses and leads the worship. The music is so loud I can feel it vibrating my bones. The lines are so repetetive that it is tiresome to me. When the senior pastor leads, it is strictly old time hymns from the book, when there is special music, I can’t hear most of the words, and the music is simple chords. I only know that I receive the greatest blessing, those that bring tears to my eyes, are the newer worship songs that have meaningful words of praise, sung in a professional quality voice with skillful accompaniement. I know we can’t all have our own way, so I hope we can all enjoy, appreciate all worship music and get to know one another better by listening to the selections of each one. Just my two cents. So far, I have enjoyed all the music.

    1. OK, now the requests are coming in. I can’t post them all at once, but I hope everybody knows I will eventually post them all. I have yet to say no–although I think I would probably draw the line at Christian rap or something like that.

  3. I should hope so. Rap? Nothing Christian about it. I once wrote an article titled “Christian Rock?” Don’t dig it.

  4. At one time we had a missionary family, who was on “leave”, speak at our Open Bible Church. They had tears in their eyes when they told us that our modern “christian rap” music had the same hypnotic beat as the natives that they were trying to reach for Jesus. Quote: “we’re trying to overcome it and Americans are fostering it.”
    I miss the old fashioned fire and brimstone messages that touched you. This new, watered down message is too compromising.

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