Soon Thare Be Head Trans Plants!!

Hear at the collidge all us interllectural we are exited by fantastick news abuot a docter in Ittaly he is goin to do a Head Trans Plant!! ( ) If yiu dont beleave it jist reed that news storry.

My prefesser he sayed “its” abuot “time somboddy done this opperatoin.’ In the storry thay sayed like maybbe the guy who gets the Head Trans Plant he wil go crazy! Wel waht dose that mater?? This hear it is Sceince! and yiu cant get in the way of Sceince!! and any boddy whoo try to stop Sceince he shuld be shott!

So i assked my prefesser wel then, Whatt Abuot Kate Lynn Gender, i heared She wonts to go back to bein A man and i dont kno howe yiu wuld doo that “maybbe one of theese Head Trans Plants” it wuld work? and My prefesser he sayed it dont mater whith Kate Lynn becose She nevver had Her Man Parts choped off and i amlost faynted becose i dint kno thatt! Yuo “mean” She stil Has “got a Pee Pee Ding Dong???” And My prefesser He sayed So “whatt,” yiu got Moth Antenners thay “growin ote of yuor” Four Head so yiu got no Buzness makin “fun” of Kate Lynn Gender and anyhow–Once thay get this hear Head Trans Plant down Pat, kate Lynn she can have lyke a hole Closet ful of boddies with no Heads and She can scroow her Head on a diffrint boddy everry day!

Thatt is “whatt makes thiss a Grate” momment in Sceince my prefesser he sayed. Wel whatt “abuot” the Statchue of Kate Lynn we just builded on the campas, how we goin to Change the Head on the Statchue thatts whatt i want to know? but he jist sayed “Dont yiu has to deecide weather you goin to get shot with them newe Hor moans they got wating for yiu”? Wel i donnow, that got fish and crabb and Spider Hormoans in that and whatt iff it mess me all upp? So he made me go ovver hear and sitt by My Self untill i deecide abuot the New hormoans…

And i gettin awffle hongry, goood thing i rembred to ware sox i can alyaws ete themm iff i has to Stay in this korner all daye.

3 comments on “Soon Thare Be Head Trans Plants!!

  1. Kind of sickening to think about it. So much could go wrong because we don’t have all the answers regarding medical and surgical procedures like this proposed one. So much is still unknown about how our bodies work. That doctor is looking at data that may not have all the necessary information he needs to successfully perform a surgery of this sort and to have that patient live a long and normal life. Almost sounds like the presumptuous Dr. Frankenstein.

  2. Sounds horrifying to me! But, Joe Collidge, I have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you volunteer for the head transplant experiment. It would get rid of your antenners, for one thing, and maybe you wouldn’t have to decide on that new hormone treatment. Your new head could make all those decisions!

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