The Sinister Side of Windows 10

We were peacefully watching a movie on our computer last night when it was suddenly interrupted by a notification that Windows 10 was going to install itself into our system and would begin in 15 minutes.

What??? We never asked for this. But they went ahead and did it anyway–or tried to. Just before the 15 minutes were up, my wife found a “Never 10” site that allowed her to disable the installation. I told you she was smart. I couldn’t have done it to save my life.

Windows 10 is undesirable, says the Never 10 website, because it “aggressively monitors and reports on its users’ activities.” Reports to whom? We don’t know.

All along, Microsoft has peppered us with increasingly frequent demands that we install Windows 10. The inducement is, it’s “free.”

If they ain’t chargin’ for this product, you can bet your ventricles they’re making a profit on it some other way. Selling your private information to marketers? To the government? At first we thought, the only way you give away your product is if it’s so lousy, no one wants to buy it. But now it looks like something much more sinister is going on.

They’re going to plug this stuff into your computer, replacing the operating system that you chose and paid for, whether you like it or not? Who do they think they are? They’re going to do it after you’ve already said “no” a hundred times. They’re going to sneak it in!

Honest people don’t carry on their business like this.

Many people, maybe even most of the people I’m regularly in contact with, have come to believe that the global elite, the ruling classes of the world, want to kill off most of us and enslave the rest. I haven’t come around to that way of thinking; but it’s certainly obvious that our rulers do believe that they should really rule us. As in wipe out all our rights and leave us only whatever liberty they, and they alone, think we ought to have from day to do. Nabobs like Bill Gates have made it perfectly clear, in their various public remarks, that they don’t think ordrinary dum peple are capable of managing their own affairs and that we–whether we know it or not–desperately need him and his kind to manage our lives for us.

The push for a global government has never been as strong, as frantic, as ruthless as it is today. It’s like they’re thinking, “It’s now or never!”

…For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.   –Revelation 12:12

“But why don’t you want Windows 10? They’re giving it away for free, man!”

Sorry–we just don’t trust people who act like this.

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  1. Every day, several times a day, an aggravating notice pops up on my screen about ‘free Windows 10’ and the millions who’ve downloaded it, I continue to say no. It persists. I’ve read some reviews about its sneaky and surreptitious activities on people’s computers and refuse to allow it. So far, so good. The way I’ve avoided it is to keep my computer set NOT to automatically download and install updates. At some point they may end-run around that command. Thanks to Patty for the tip about Never 10. I’m going to check that out.

    1. Linda, this pope is a communist from way back, a practitioner of Liberation Theology–which is Marxism wearing a Christian mask–who believes “the unfettered free market” (where in all creation is there an unfettered free market?) is responsible for all the world’s ills.

      Half my family is Catholic, and I will not indulge in Catholic bashing. But this pope is bad, bad news. John Paul II is rolling over in his grave.

    2. Likewise, much of my family is Catholic, including many nuns and priests (some Jesuit). I certainly am not Catholic bashing – in fact, as a child, my family was Catholic. The fact remains that the people are misled and should be afforded the opportunity to wake up. Is calling attention to the evil masquerade wrong?

    3. Well, I don’t know what your family nuns or my family nuns would say about their church being a masquerade. I’ll go along with R.J. Rushdoony, who said better a good Catholic any day, than a bad Protestant.

    4. Once again, at no time did I reference Catholics or the Catholic Church. And I do love my family. My reference was to the papacy, which is what the article referred to.

      Sorry to have stirred up a hornet’s nest. I’ll refrain from passing along links.

    5. No, no, I’m not stirred up at all–please don’t think so. And please feel free to pass along links as they occur to you. Every now and then, I wind up using one.

    6. My grandmother, until she was no longer able, went to Mass every single morning, wore scapulars around her neck, had a rosary in her hand practically at all times, holy cards and pictures and statues and relics adorned her entire house. She had siblings who were nuns and priests. Two of my dad’s cousins were Jesuit priests. When the Church converted to the ‘New Mass’, my dad became a commentator and lector. Now that’s Catholic! Odd though, my sister became an atheist, and as for me, God, Himself, called me in a very powerful, life-altering way.

  2. “But it’s free!” “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

    I hate the look of Windows 10, which is why I never installed it.

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