The Doctor Ate My Day

Scipio Africanus

Well, here it is, 2:30, and I’m back from my 10:30 doctor’s appointment. No bike ride for me today. No work on my new book, either.

But the doctor is very pleased with my progress, vis-a-vis blood pressure. Then he noticed my T-shirt, adorned with a picture of Scipio Africanus, and asked about it. This resulted in my learning he was not a Christian, after all (I thought he was), and his asking, with a show of great interest, about Christianity and the Apostle Paul. He says he wants to learn more, much more. May the Holy Spirit provide him with a good teacher.

Anyhow, this was about the last thing I would have expected, after sitting an hour and a half in the waiting room being tortured by daytime TV. Like, I was there to be ministered to by the doctor, and wound up ministering to him.

And now to run out and do more errands!

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  1. Congratulations Lee! Even though you had a wait, it certainly seems as though it was a fruitful visit – especially for Our Lord! May He now take over and lead this man to Himself. Glad your b/p is progressing so well, too.

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