‘Who Shall Have Dominion?’ (2017)

The first time I posted the hymn, Christ Shall Have Dominion, someone objected. He didn’t want Christ to have dominion.

He didn’t say whom he’d rather had it.

Who Shall Have Dominion?

So, okay–if it’s not to be the Lord Jesus Christ, then who do you want to rule the earth? A political party full of orcs? A consortium of thieves?

Ooh-ooh, I know! Genius saints guided by Science! They have them in Canada or someplace.

Fairies would be okay, too. A world ruled by fairies. That’d be cool.

‘Hawking: “Only World Government Can Save Us”‘ (2017)

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As we enter the weekend set aside to celebrate Jesus Christ, His atoning death on the cross and then His resurrection, we might want to spare a prayer for the spiritually impoverished. They may be rich and famous, basking in the glow of fawning publicity: but they are poorer than a beggar. Like, for instance, world-renowned Scientist, Stephen Hawking.

Hawking: Only World Government Can Save Us

His argument goes: we humans are bad, bad, bad and that’s our nature–we’re with you there, dude; only we call it Original Sin–so what we must have, if we’re to survive, is an all-powerful world government to rein us in.

Uh-huh. And who’s gonna be in the world government? More of them bad, bad humans! Only now they’ll be in a state of perpetual temptation by unrestrained power over others. Or as our country’s founders put it, the bigger the government, the bigger its abuses.

They’ll eat us alive, Steve-o.

Archbishop Wants to ‘Unmask Globalists’

Who is Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano? | National Catholic Reporter

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, along with three cardinals, nine bishops, and a host of other supporters, has launched an “Appeal for the Church and the World” aimed at alerting the world’s nations to the threat posed by globalism (https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/archbishop-vigano-plans-for-a-new-world-order-must-be-unmasked-understood-and-revealed).

The Red Pope isn’t gonna like it.

Quoting Archbishop Vigano: “The idea of plans for a New World Order under which countries and ordinary citizens see their identity taken away by a powerful elite might have seemed absurd until a few years ago.” The Appeal is to show “the serious danger to individual freedom caused during the spread of Covid-19…[by] powers which think there is no higher authority than themselves… [and] to break the media silence” from a media which is “censored and controlled.”

Bishop Muller: “The Church has allowed itself to be used as ‘Outreach’ by the New World Order.”

The Appeal was published on May 12, a few days ago. We have not yet seen any response to it from the Vatican.

Now, are we going to listen to these high-ranking officials of the Roman Catholic Church, or just write them off as cranks? Do we dare ignore them?

Yes, we should listen to them. Yes, there are rich and powerful individuals scheming to take away our freedom. There always are, and always have been: it is a dynamic of history.

Would-be world-conquerors–like Alexander the Great, or Genghis Khan–used to unleash great armies against their neighbors, to attain their goals by violence. World War II springs to mind.

But nowadays they’ve put their weapons on the shelf and try to take over the world with money, propaganda, so-called “science” (think Global Warming/Climate Change “you’re all gonna die unless you give us fantastic new powers–and all your money!”), political action, and in-the-bag media. They seek to win by lies and flattery what they’ve never been able to win by brute force.

Stand up for freedom, stand up for truth, and pray–because the earth is the Lord’s, and no cabal of sneaky socialists has any right to rule it.

May the Lord our God defend us from these predators.

Climbit Change Causes Monsters!

This was going to be an emergency bulletin from Joe Collidge, but he is currently prostrated with fear and unable to write coherently. Also some gym socks he ate for breakfast have disagreed with him.

It seems there’s a growing rumor of giant crabs depopulating islands and dragging whole coastal villages into the deep, all because of Climate Change and Greta Thunberg. Back in 1957, this was cleverly disguised as a science fiction movie. But in 2020, it’s a grim reality.

Or so we’re told. By college professors. So you know it’s got to be true.

Only world government, open borders, and real high taxes can stop the giant crabs.


Pope: Fundamentalists ‘a Scourge’

Pope Francis

Smile when you call millions of Christians “a scourge.”

What with all the hoopla over the fake “impeachment” last month, I never spotted this, er, development until just yesterday.

In a Nov. 18 speech, the Red Pope called “fundamentalists”–his definition of the word is not the same as ours–“a scourge” (https://www.breitbart.com/faith/2019/11/19/pope-francis-warns-fundamentalism-is-a-plague/).

“Beware of fundamentalists,” he said. “Everyone has his own. In Argentina there is a little fundamentalist corner. Fundamentalism is a scourge, and all religions have some kind of fundamentalist first cousin…”

A few points to ponder:

If “fundamentalists” have any influence on events in Argentina, it’s virtually undetectable. Downright microscopic.

He separates “fundamentalists” from “religions,” which makes us wonder what he means by “religion.”

Mr. Inclusive excludes millions of Christians from “religion.”

He seems to think all “fundamentalists” are violent. Sort of an obstacle to setting up a nice cozy world government and world religion, with everybody saying and doing and thinking exactly the same thing at the same time. He would call it “diversity.”

For the record, a Christian fundamentalist is one who takes the Bible seriously and believes what it says. That would include “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” wouldn’t it? Somehow the pope objects to that?

What portions of the Bible does he think are wrong, weird, or toxic? ‘Cause if he accepts and believes in the whole Bible…well, then he’d be a fundamentalist.

This Pope Is Crazy

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If you thought Common Core was bad, wait’ll you see what Pope Francis has in mind.

The Red Pope wants a “Global Pact on Education”–sort of like Common Core for the whole world–which, he hopes, will establish a “new humanism” (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/popes-proposal-for-new-humanism-would-wipe-out-christianity). Not that the old humanism that we have now is anything to write home about.

Ya see, says the pope, the purpose of this scheme is “to create a global change of mentality through education.” Does that sound good to you? It sounds mighty bad to me. Maybe we could have a single global authority in charge of all the schools in all the countries of the world. I hear Beelzebub would like the job.

Does this man believe, in his wildest dreams, that Christians who believe God’s word would have any input at all into what is taught in these schools, and by whom? I mean, really, who told him that–a six-foot-tall bunny? Is he quite all there? Mother Miriam, one of many Catholics who is not exactly on board with this pope, says his global Common Core would “wipe out Christianity” and ruin the family. And that’s if it’s actually better than it looks.

Again–just how much lunacy can our civilization absorb before it cracks altogether? It’s not good to have a crazy Pope. Not good for anyone.


God’s Blessing: Nations

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I know I’ve said this before; but in light of President Trump’s speech to the UN earlier this week, it bears saying again.

Our various nations are a blessing to us, a gift of God; and for all the evil that they do, because they consist of fallen, sinful, human beings, they are a protection to us against something so much worse–

World government.

In Genesis 11, the earth has but one language, one government; and its rulers propose to build a tower that will reach to heaven, making them the equal of God. Sound familiar? So God confounds their language and divides them into many different nations, and they spread out over the earth. Their differences and their individual characteristics deepen over the years. By and by, they can’t re-unite to do anything together.

Thank God.

Can you even begin to imagine the mischief a global government would get up to, if it actually existed? They still wouldn’t be gods, but they’d come mighty close to being devils.

President Trump understands that–which is why the globalists so fiercely hate him. He loves his country and thinks people of other countries ought to love their own. Maybe if they loved their countries more, they’d insist on better government. And maybe even get it.

Meanwhile, with “Climate Change” as their ticket to ride, and their excuse for everything, the rule-the-world crowd is pushing its agenda like never before. Like, this is it–if we can’t get it now, we’ll never get it. So push like Hell!

And I do mean “like Hell,” because that’s where this is coming from.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 19 (‘Dumbed-Down Kids for Leftist Folly’)

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Whoopee! Tomorrow is the Youth Climate Strike!

Having turned them into zombies, it only remains to order them to march. They protest what they’ve been told to protest. It’s both pathetic and appalling.

Dumbed-Down Kids for Leftist Folly

How many times do we have to say this? The Far Left, the Democrats, will do absolutely anything to acquire power: tell any lie, cook any election, destroy anyone who stands in the way. “Climate change” is their biggest lie to date, and the reason that they cling to it is because they view it as their best chance to create a global government with themselves in charge.

These people are not your friends.

And sending your children to be “educated” at schools run by Far Left teacher unions borders on the suicidal.

Down with Nation-States?

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“We don’t need no stinkin’ nation-states!”

Nation-states “should not exist” and citizenship is “arbitrary,” “ridiculous,” and merely “a social construct,” self-proclaimed intellectuals from a not-quite-real “Freedom University” told an audience of–well, presumably students, at St. Olaf University recently (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13704).

See? They don’t even pretend to make sense anymore. And you can always get an audience for that kind of thing at St. Olaf’s. The patron saint of Norway is very poorly served by the school that bears his name.

“Freedom University” serves “undocumented youth”–persons who are here illegally–and although it has a website, it occupies “an undisclosed location” somewhere in Atlanta.

So, okay, we get rid of nation-states–then what? What do we have in their place? My guess would be boiling chaos. They would certainly try to set up some kind of world government to keep the whole thing from blowing sky-high; and just as certainly it would fail.

But think of the fun they’d have, trying!

The far left is no longer sane, they’re all as crazy as bedbugs, and our colleges and looniversities cater to them like royalty. And they do it on our dime.

“Educating” ourselves to death…

They Never Ask Us

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False religion, then and now

Marlene sent us this link, https://www.endtime.com/articles-endtime-magazine/sustainable-development-world-government/ . It’s a news rehash of the United Nations’ “Rio Plus 20 Green World Order Summit” of 2012, whose stated objected was to “re-make civilization.”

Was it you who asked them to re-make our civilization? I know it wasn’t me! In fact, I don’t think it was anybody–leastways, not anybody normal. Just a few incredibly rich and powerful horses’ asses who want to use “sustainable development” and fear of “climate change” as the foundation for a world government.

Here and there we catch them teaching school children to despise their own country and think of themselves as “global citizens.” Good night. This “citizens of the world” crap was crap in 1930 and it’s still crap today. It’s just old crap.

And we’re supposed to believe these orcs, that they want to protect the environment? Hey, come on over to New Jersey and see how they do that! Maybe they think paving it over and burying it under nail salons is protecting it.

See, they never, never, never ask! Ask permission of a lot of lowly peasants–when we’re The Smartest People In The World? No way!

They own the UN, the Democrat Party, a nice chunk of the GOP, Hollywood, the nooze media, the schools and colleges–and for some reason they still can’t seem to seal the deal. There are still a lot of us who don’t believe them and don’t trust them.

And there is still a God in heaven. He will judge them.

It’s all about controlling people, controlling every nuance of their lives, because We Are So Smart, we’ll be just like gods and probably better at it than God ever was, once we gather all the power–and all the money!–into our hands, and for their own good liquidate anyone stupid and evil enough to oppose us, and then there won’t be any more boring jobs and we can all have unlimited sex with whomever or whatever we want–

He will judge them.