The Lizard That Flies

Check out how this little lizard escapes from the big, bad snake, who winds up highly confused and annoyed. The lizard’s scientific name is Draco volans, which means “Flying Dragon.” It lives in Indonesia and is one more example of God’s cool stuff which we call “nature” when we should be calling it “creation.”

I am showing this video to calm myself down after getting interrupted in my work by a summons to jury duty. I will have to get a note from my doctor to get me out of it: my blood pressure just won’t stand it. Up at the crack of dawn, central Jersey traffic, hang around the jury room all day long, and then more Jersey traffic. Repeat the process for as many days as the trial takes. And watch my head explode. No thanks!

I will now attempt to go back to writing my book.

3 comments on “The Lizard That Flies

  1. Wow! Seems like they ‘fly’ sort of like ‘flying squirrels’. They have a cape too. God’s stuff really is incredible 🙂 And you’re right – that snake did seem confused.

    Jury duty IS very stressful – from start to finish. Even if you’re not selected, it’s unsettling. I once served on a jury for a murder trial, the details of which were horrifying.

  2. I am surprised at your attempt to shirk your civic duty. It allows you to confront evil and defeat it. When good men do nothing, then evil triumphs. It would also give you something to write about, with direct knowledge, rather than relying upon information that you get second hand. Furthermore, you might even get a chance to throw a liberal, or atheist, or global warmist, or homosexual agenda-ist into the hoosegow.

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