Prof: Whites Owe $20 Trillion in Reparations

Just in case you were wondering how your tuition dollars were being spent by colleges and universities last month, those taking part in “White History Month,” here’s an item from Portland Community Idiot Factory–er, college–in Oregon.

Some left-wing amoeba of a “professor” told her students that white Americans “owe”–by whose calculation?–black Americans $20 trillion in reparations for slavery ( ). I kid you not–click the link to the news story and check out the video.

Twenty trillion bucks. Wow. That’ll buy a lot of powerball tickets. Why, it’s more than our total national debt. I wonder what kind of shape the country will be in, after they pay that out. To people who never were slaves or never had any contact with a slave, by people who never owned a slave or even saw one.

Gee, my ancestors, on both sides of the family, were enslaved by the Romans. Where do I go to collect my check? Two thousand years ought to have generated some pretty hefty interest.

One thing the reparations movement clearly teaches us: something can be really, truly silly and still be satanic.

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    1. It hasn’t gone so well for her list in the schools. Nobody will eat the menu choices she makes. And she probably doesn’t either.

    1. I will definitely blog about this tomorrow.
      This is what happens when you make a Sandinista wannabe the mayor of your city.

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