Horrendous Magic Trick Foul-Up

Warning! This brief video is most definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you watch it and freak out, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This is one of those incidents that really make you wonder about the workings, non-workings, of the human mind.

Obviously this man is not a professional magician, but never mind–he attempts a rather dangerous-looking “magic trick” for his youtube audience, and, well, pays the price.

Once, as a boy, I did a card trick for my father and my uncle, and it really wowed them. “Pick a card, any card. Look at it, but don’t let me see it. Now put it back into the deck. And here–you take the deck and shuffle it and cut it as much as you like.” And when the shuffling and cutting was all done, with no possibility in the world of me cheating, I reached into the deck and immediately drew out the right card. Amazing!

But it was no trick. It was just dumb luck. If the card trick goes wrong, so what? I shrug my shoulders and say, “Oh, well.”

Is that what this guy was doing, with this knife trick?

Oh, well…

5 comments on “Horrendous Magic Trick Foul-Up

  1. I think that was the “magic trick”. If you notice he never shows the back of his right hand. But if you look carefully at the 3 second mark you can see a brief glimpse of something attached to the back of his hand.

    1. You could be right, Watchman. The first viewing was a bit unnerving, but after reading your comment, I went back and watched again, paying close attention to the 3-second mark. I agree with you – there does seem to be something attached to the back of his hand which he never presents to the camera. Also, there sure wasn’t profuse bleeding.

      What people will do for attention.

  2. Wow, that did not look like fun, but then again, he ended up laughing, so
    there must have been some “trick”, eh?

  3. How long have you been without tetevision? This type of gruesome fakery has been a staple of “shock” magic for some time.

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