Video Treat: Omar the Cat

Tami sent us this video of her family cat, Omar, playing with a treasured family heirloom. This is why it is recommended to keep such things away from cats.

Omar is named after an old Norwegian pastor who has discovered that he likes cats, after all–well, this one, at least.

4 comments on “Video Treat: Omar the Cat

  1. Oh my goodness! Well Omar sure seems interested in spinning 🙂 I do hope someone caught it before it fell! Very pretty cat, too. Reminds me of my daughter’s cat ‘Casper’

    1. LInda…Omar actually did that little “wax on wax off” play for about 20 minutes and I was 1 foot away the whole time but never knocked it off the table! I finally grabbed my iPhone to record enough of it so people would believe me!

    2. Since I’ve been rescuing cats most of my life, they’re very special to me – and yes, I DO believe you 🙂 They’re quite adept and fascinated by the darndest things!

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