Encore, ‘O Worship the King’

If you love this hymn as much as I do, you won’t mind if I post it again. Let’s start the day with praise of God–you might want to turn up the volume for this one.

This is from a worship service at Temple Baptist Church in Tennessee. Has that guy up onb the podium got a voice, or what?

P.S.–If you’re new to this blog, please note that I post hymns requested by readers–in fact, I try to do it every day. Anyone can request a hymn. Just “leave a reply” anywhere on the blog, and I’ll do the rest.

I know a lot of you enjoy these hymns, but only a couple of you actually request them. So don’t be bashful–jump right in!


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  1. Praise Him indeed! Thank you, Lee. The start to any day should be Praise to Him – and the end of every day, too!

    Maybe you would post one of Esther Mui’s hymns?

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