Are We Flaming Crazy?

Further proof that there are too many colleges/universities in America, too many people are attending them, and they have way too much money–

The latest thing in this bizarre neo-Stalinist landscape is the “Bias Response Team” (BRT), a panel of inquisitors who “investigate” any piffling complaint of incorrect speech or hurt feelings ( ). The complaint doesn’t have to make any sense: a sign in a lunch room admonishing people to clean up after themselves was taken down for being “sexist.”

Anyone can make a complaint–anonymously: which makes it really tough for the accused to defend himself. There are no rules of evidence–in fact, no rules at all. Anyone can rat you out for any reason. And then the BRT can sentence you to sensitivity training, or even get you kicked out of school. It’s sort of like a Canadian “human rights” tribunal, only more so (if that were possible).

The question is–are we out of our cotton-pickin’ minds? Do we really, truly want to train up a generation to live in fear and mistrust, knowing that anyone can sic the BRT on him at any time? Can we believe, even for a moment, even in our wildest dreams, that we can simultaneously have a republic of free citizens and these PC hit squads?

This is only one ingredient of the weird, toxic, strange brew being cooked up by our colleges.

This has to stop, before someone finally succeeds in turning our country into Venezuela. I do not mean that as a figure of speech. This business is very, very dangerous.

But of course, as busy as our leaders are at tearing down God’s laws, they will certainly not hesitate a moment to tear down our country’s heritage of liberty and good order.

Man’s laws will not protect us, if God’s laws are not honored.

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  1. I blame the professors. They have been “preaching” Marxist doctrine for decades and now it’s coming home to roost.

  2. Last night on FoxNews, I watched in horror as a clip from a movie being made by a documentary film maker (can’t recall his name, but it was during Hannity) was shown. In it, this same man went onto a college campus in Portland, I believe. He told students he was from Hamas and was collecting money to commit terrorist acts upon Israel soft targets – specifically mentioning places like schools, hospitals, malls, places of worship. To a person, they said sure! – and donated $10, $15, $20 to the cause! One student actually said last year he just learned about all that and would be happy to donate!!!

  3. Well, see where all this madness leads? We have become such a nation of (……) that it has even infiltrated the churches. Some protestant ministers over large congregations are embracing a pope who exactly fits the description of the “man of sin” written of in Daniel and other places. The man who is wearing full, jewel encrusted golden garments and denouncing “materialism”, changing times and seasons, the one who has
    been told to “revise the Ten Commandments” (remember those words carved in stone by the finger of God). We are way beyond PC nonsense.
    This is serious and scary.

    1. There have been bad and foolish popes before this one.
      But if that creature in the White House is not an antichrist, I don’t know who is.

  4. Schools are becoming more and more dangerous every day. There should be warning signs posted outside every one of their buildings, such as “Mixing real cognitive learning with common core is contraindicated” “Side effects are…, including loss of brain function” “Parents must sign waivers of control over their children before entering” “Bring your own food.”

  5. Strange how today’s college students are the most privileged generation in history yet have bought the lie they are repressed and victimized. We need an army of Candace Owens to rise up and take back the land.

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