Big Brother’s Going to ‘Help’ Us

Oh, boy, New York City’s in the news again today!

Michael Bloomberg’s gone, but his mayoral successor, former Sandinista groupie Bill de Blasio (real name, Warren Wilhelm Jr.) is all set to follow in his footsteps. Bloomberg was last heard from trying to ban large sodas. De Blasio is ready to make war on salt.

Starting next month, providing a court order doesn’t stop it, the city will require restaurants, etc., to warn diners of any dish that contains more salt than is recommended by doctors ( ).

Why are they doing this? Well, Wilhelm/de Blasio says it’s to “help New Yorkers make better decisions…”

Get it? They’ll help you make better decisions by making those decisions for you!

One by one, bit by bit, the libs who call themselves “pro-choice” work to take away your choices. How many do they plan to leave you with?

They wouldn’t dream of interfering with anyone’s choice to engage in bizarre, dangerous, or destructive sexual behavior. Fornication is a sacred cow to them. But you’d better not order a dish that has too much salt in it, and woe betide the restaurant who doesn’t warn you off.

The difference between a child and an adult is that a child doesn’t know enough to make his own decisions about a lot of things. My parents used to decide when it was my bedtime. Now I decide.

Uh-oh… Is a bedtime regulation next? I hope I haven’t given them ideas.

9 comments on “Big Brother’s Going to ‘Help’ Us

  1. Their intention is to make EVERY decision for us. So as the sleepers prepare for their naps, remember to bring your ‘nap mats’. They may even provide you with milk and cookies first. No – wait – cookies? Not the dreaded sugar!

  2. If only they knew how little we care about their “rules”. I don’t even listen
    to all the advice from doctors. I have learned that they are far from knowing everything, so these jerks? Not in a million years.

    1. You are SO right Erlene! And, as for doctors – and lawyers for that matter – there’s a reason they call their businesses ‘practices’. It’s us they practice on! We listen to Our Lord, for He has all the answers!

  3. Comrades, the glorious utopia is only one more law, regulation or tax away from coming to fruition.
    To each according to his need, workers of the world unite!

  4. Reblogged this on A Mom Looking Up and commented:
    Quote : “One by one, bit by bit, the libs who call themselves “pro-choice” work to take away your choices. How many do they plan to leave you with?”

    We, the American people, need to quit swallowing this garbage they dish out!

  5. The Left specializes in euphemisms and labeling. People who are for laws protecting humans from conception are called Anti-Choice. If I think inner cities are the result of liberal city governments, I am called a racist. Recently a conservative, Scott Presler, has inspired people to help him clean up trash in Baltimore. My wife & I saw a clip about this on AON News and one resident was saying how glad she was these people had come to help. My wife responded, “Why hasn’t that lady been picking up the trash all along?” I guess she was waiting for Big Brother to do it. Some of the trash that Presler’s followers found was 20 year old newspapers!

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