You Can’t Hide from Your Cat

Here’s what happens when you try to hide from your cat. He finds you.

Actually, a lot of cats really enjoy this game. It’s a wise human who plays with a cat. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I want to go see what Peep is doing.

4 comments on “You Can’t Hide from Your Cat

  1. Cats are the absolute best! Many of my cats loved that game 🙂 Some of them even liked to roll a ball back and forth with me. I’ve often wondered who was entertaining who! The cat at the end, peeking up sideways was hilarious!

  2. I have a short haired exotic and help the local strays with food and an improvised foam cooler shelter for when it gets cold. Sometimes raccoons show up but the animals seem to get along. It would be fun to have a large ranch out West with a barn just for cats. {:-)

  3. I have a friend who had three kittens. He would play “hide and seek” with them: He’d put them in one room of his apartment, and then hid in another. The kittens always found him.

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