Is Gangsta Rap Really Violent?

Does chewing gum stick to your shoe if you step on it? Is the Pope Catholic?

There was another rap concert shooting this week in New York City. The gunfight broke out in the performer’s lounge and then into the concert hall, where four people stopped bullets. One of those four was killed. ( )

The police commissioner remarked that rappers are thugs who celebrate a violent subculture.

Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr.–dba “Bill DeBlasio,” which is not his real name–quickly stepped into the breach, declaring that such violence as has come to be commonly associated with “rap” is really endemic in every area of American culture.

Y’know, he’s right. Look at all those shootings at any John Tesch concert. And those killing fields around Arlo Guthrie, Judy Collins. Peter, Paul and Mary died in a shootout with a rival folk group, The Weavers. And do you remember how the murder rate used to shoot way up there after every broadcast of Leave It to Beaver?

Whereas “rap” is universally known to foster peace, serenity, and love.

I wonder what would happen if they gave a rap concert at a Bernie Sanders rally.

Dig that Godless culture!


7 comments on “Is Gangsta Rap Really Violent?

  1. Do they really believe there will be no consequences? Live for the moment? They are all little ‘gods’?

    Deliver us from evil, Our Father!

    1. So they’re going to practice “separation of church and state” by drawing the symbol of their anti-church all around a whole city? I wonder when the Freedom From Religion gobshytes will get around to protesting that.

    2. I seriously doubt they will protest this – it’s right up their alley. God has prepared for us a Land of Goshen, and we all fit in His Hands! Thank You, Lord!

  2. My daughter occasionally works for the Arkansas Music Pavilion that has concerts throughout Spring to Fall. Whenever they have a rapper concert there is always trouble. They tell the rapper not to have the crowd rush the stage because of security reasons but they do it anyway. Why do they continue to feature these low-lifers? Money profits.

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