Comment Contest: Less Than 100 to Go

I’d better throttle back on my own comments a little, so that I don’t wind up winning my own contest.

With fewer than 100 comments to go, whoever posts Comment No. 7,000 on this blog will win an autographed copy of one of my books. Anyone can play! Just scroll to the bottom of any post and “Leave a Comment.” (Note: if you’ve already won, don’t be mad if I pass you over and award the prize to the next closest reader who hasn’t won yet. My personal supply of books is limited, so I have to do that.)

Just about any kind of comment is eligible, with the following exceptions: abusive remarks directed at me or any other reader; comments employing the f-bomb or other cuss words, comments that are really thinly-disguised commercials (stealing space on my blog in an effort to sell something), or comments that are just too inane to bother with.

Comment as often as you like: no restrictions here. Well, not that kind of restriction, at any rate.

6 comments on “Comment Contest: Less Than 100 to Go

  1. First, Lee, you can’t win your own contest – you already have the books 🙂

    Also, many comments by your readers are prompted by comments you make! Happens to me all the time! So, please, keep making comments!

    If you wouldn’t mind another praise and worship song by Michael W Smith, I’d love to hear ‘Above All’

  2. Of course, don’t mind being passed over. I won last time. Can’t be a
    piggy. Very nice book, by the way, and just in time for a super birthday gift
    for a sweet granddaughter just turned ten.

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